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GoddessFootJobs – Stepdad Makes Me Feel Better – Ashlynn Taylor 

When Ashlynn Taylor’s boyfriend turns down her request for a foot massage, she knows exactly where to turn. Her loving stepfather has always been helpful and shows particular attention to her sexy feet. He doesn’t delay to give her what she needs. The foot massage is mixed with sensual foot worship, just the way Ashlynn loves. She knows how much he cares for her and she’s more than willing to give back. She extracts his cock from his shorts and…

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GoddessFootDomination – Can He Take It? – Goddess Brianna 

Goddess Brianna is seated before a kneeling slave. She instructs him to assume the default position. This isn’t his first time serving but he seems to have forgotten everything! The slave is told to assume the next position, bow, and makes several mistakes in posture. Taking her crop in hand, Goddess Brianna seeks to correct her slave’s forgetfulness. The slave is made to count off ten strokes, thanking her with each lash. Still scatterbrained, the slave makes mistakes time and…

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GoddessFootjobs – Failing English Class – Nicole Grey 

Nicole Grey is having a one-on-one meeting with her teacher. Unfortunately the young girl is failing her English class. He implores her to spend more time studying, but the desperate Latina asks if there is any other way to pass the course. The old pervy teacher has something in mind for sure. Nicole doesn’t understand why he asks her to remove her shoes. How can this possibly help improve her English grade? The teacher goes down on her small brown…

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GoddessFootjobs – Stepdaughter Can’t Get Pregnant – Luna Jinx 

Luna Jinx is missing her mother who’s traveling for work. She’s a little uncomfortable being alone around her mom’s new husband Tom. With his wife away for several weeks, Tom is getting a little horny. After admiring her new pedicure he begins rubbing her bare feet without asking. Luna is clearly uncomfortable. Tom helps himself to a taste of his new stepdaughter’s toes, and then begins reaching up her skirt. Luna explains that she doesn’t want to have sex: both…

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GoddessFootDomination – Let’s Make A Deal – Goddess Brianna 

Goddess Brianna is in a particularly generous mood today. Slave R has been invited into her prescence for the third time to serve her. She’s pleased with his servitude thus far and proposes a deal. If he can handle a footjob from her for a full five minutes without cumming, she’ll permit him to become a sex slave. Slave R lays on his back before his Goddess as she unstraps her shoes, releasing her gorgeous bare feet. Goddess Brianna begins…

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GoddessFootjobs – Borrowing Step Dad’s Car – Nicole Grey 

Nicole Grey is sitting on her bed when her stepdad comes in. She asks him for money to buy a new car. He’s willing to consider it, that is if she’ll play ball. Stepdad reaches for her feet and begins kissing them and sucking on her toes one by one. He can definitely help her if she’s willing to indulge him. Stepdad lays back as Nicole starts rubbing his cock with her feet. He groans in pleasure as his cock…

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GoddessFootjobs – Family Forever – Lexi Rainz 

Lexi Rainz can’t wait to show her father-in-law her new tattoo. She got a nice Family Forever inked onto her ankle to immortalize her relationship to his son, Jimmy. Her father-in-law sadly informs her that Jimmy doesn’t like tattoos on women. He even divorced his last wife over getting one. Lexi and her husband’s father hatch a plan to take care of it. She’ll cover it up until they can have it removed. Dad will even pay for it. With…

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GoddessFootDomination – Under Pantyhose Feet – Ashlynn Taylor 

Goddess Ashlynn Taylor is relaxing in her dungeon when a masked slave shuffles in bearing her heels. She has requested her sharpest stilettos in order to dole out an overdue punishment to her waiting trample slut. The masked slave places her delicate pantyhosed feet into the heel and then kneels passively to observe the slut’s punishment. The slut squirms as his Goddess slowly pushes the heel into his chest. Goddess Ashlynn is delighted to see the marks her heels leave…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Foot Jobs, Foot Worship

GoddessFootJobs – Manipulating Him – Gabriela Lopez 

Gabriela Lopez is on the phone with her mother. She’s pleading her case to go on a trip to Key West to no avail. Irritated, she hangs up right as her mother’s boyfriend enters the room. Gabriela knows he’s the only one who can convince her mother. Knowing his weakness for her feet she begins teasing him by rubbing her bare soles on his legs and chest. Quickly succumbing to her charms, mom’s boyfriend begins licking her feet. He sucks…

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GoddessFootjobs – Deception Part Two – Sofie Reyez 

Its been a week since the events of Deception. Sofie Reyez’s carefully constructed plan has come to fruition and her mother filed for divorce. Her father comes home to find Sofie in his bedroom. Stressed by recent events he tries to get her to leave. She brushes the attempt aside and begins to seduce him. Pulling him in for a kiss and then waking his libido by caressing his cock through his pants with her gentle feet. Dad lays back…

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GoddessFootjobs – Sofie Reyez – Deception 

Sofie Reyez is lounging on the couch as her Dad comes in and sits next to her. Dad seems bothered that Mom is working late again. Sofie points out that Mom isn’t just working late. Mom is cheating on Dad and Sofie has seen the proof on her phone. Dad is devastated and attempting to come to grips with the situation when Sofie begins pointedly rubbing her bare feet on Dad’s crotch. He initially tries to rebuff her but soon…

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GoddessFootjobs – Mail Order Bride – Crystal Rush 

Crystal Rush is a mail order bride from Russia. Her new husband knows she’s become unhappy with the arrangement and is recording an attempt to reconcile their differences. The man offers a foot massage which an indifferent Crystal accepts. Massaging her feet soon leads into licking and toe sucking. Crystal seems quite surprised and put off as her husband continues to up the ante. Flipping her over, he sucks on her toes from behind becoming so worked up he pulls…

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GoddessFootDomination – Who’s In Control Now? – Sophia Leone 

Sophia wants to go party with her friends but Uncle Jack has other ideas. He has his niece bent over his knee receiving a spanking. She’s not going anywhere dressed like that so long as he’s in control. Squirming free of her uncle’s clutches, Sophia is hit with an ultimatum. Leave the house like that and she can forget all about her Spring Break trip. Sophia relents to Uncle Jack’s threat and agrees to stay in for the evening. Іhortly…

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GoddessFootJobs – Internet Theft – Mia Martinez 

Investigating a complaint about slow internet a repairman finds himself rummaging through Mia Martinez’s closet. After briefly pausing to sample the aroma of her worn sneakers he discovers an unauthorized router. Mia confronts the man about the intrusion only to find herself on the defensive as to the legitimacy of her internet connection. Mia panics at the revelation that she owes in excess of $1,000 to the cable company along with criminal charges of theft. She pleads to resolve the…

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GoddessFootjobs – New House Rule – Avery Moon 

Avery Moon is a typical rebellious teen, defying her new stepfather’s rules and being a real brat. This guy isn’t going to stand for this unruly behavior and moves to show her exactly who is going to be the boss in the household. Stepdad throws young Avery across his knee and begins spanking her bare bottom. As the old guy repeatedly slaps Avery’s tight, little bare bottom we can see that the girl is becoming excited. Stepdad is going to…

CBT & Ballbusting, Foot Worship, Shoe & Boots, Trampling

GoddessFootDomination – Vulnerable Foot Slave – Goddess Brianna 

Goddess Brianna has her latest foot slave in quite a predicament. He stands before her, hands bound and balls painfully stretched by a five pound weight. She first teases him with her feet adorned in strappy high heeled sandals. A commitment to suffer for his owner is secured and immediately acted upon. Goddess Brianna doles out a lesson in posture, form, pain and humility. The slave is made to swing the weight between his legs and has it dropped by…

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GoddessFootjobs – First Time Footjob – Marilyn Mansion 

Sexy sweetheart Marilyn Mansion is just back from the nail salon with a fresh pedicure. After the intense scrubbing her petite feet are super sensitive. She enjoys having her small feet kissed, licked and worshiped. She can’t sit still because her soft soles are very ticklish. The gentleman proceeds slowly, showing her feet very sensual, passionate attention. Marilyn’s soft voice makes the scene so much more intimate. This is her first time at giving a footjob and she voices her…

Legwear Worship & Smelling, Shoe & Boots

GoddessFootDomination – Phone Sex With Slave at Her Pantyhose Covered Feet 

Fulfill your hottest voyeuristic fantasy by watching the beautiful Sophia Leone engage in phone sex while having an obedient slave worship her pantyhose covered feet. The foot slave lavishes her high heeled shoes and feet with kisses while she totally ignores him. Sophia is engrossed in the telephone conversation and getting really hot from the teasing. She rubs her bare breasts and fingers her sweet pussy. The slave removes her shoes and savors the flavor of her feet in stockings….

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