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Female Domination, Foot Worship, Trampling

BrattyFootGirls – Trick Or Treat 6 STINKY FEET 

It’s Halloween eve and Ninja hear a knock on the door! ‘TRICK OR TREAT!’! he;s greeted with 3 scary looking women who barge their way into his house. He’s a bit irritated with them and tells them he has no candy for them and won’t give them anything! They aren’t having it as they go into trick mode! They tie him up and put him on the ground where they proceed to let him smell their rank feet after they’ve…

Female Domination, Trampling

Clubstiletto – Princess Mia – Inspired to Suffer 

The scene opens with Princess Mia walking on her slaves stomach and chest. She then starts jumping before placing a foot on his face. As she resumes walking on him she says he is around so much that it just makes her want to hurt him more every day. She then starts really jumping on him before moving to stand on his face with both feet. She removes one foot and his head turns sideways under her foot and you…


Mistress Claudia K – Slave is Trampled Beneath my Feet 

My slave knows his place is under my feet, face down on the floor, waiting to feel the press of my soles and shoes on his back. I walk all over him, leaving footprints from my stilettos on his back, marking him as my property. I stretch and flex my muscular legs, showing off how strong and powerful my thighs and calves are, easily controlling him and pushing him down into the ground where he belongs.

Female Domination, Trampling

BrattyFootGirls – Nika & Sushii – Hidden perve Gets STOMPED! 

WHen Jason finds out his hot roomie Nika has her new gf coming over to have some fun, he just has to perve on them secretly. He tries hiding under her bed covers as the two hotties enter the room and start getting ready to get down, however they soob realize there’s a weird lump in the bed. Sushii steps on it to see what it is and soon it is revealed to be Nika’s roomie Jason! The girls are…

Female Domination, Trampling

Clubstiletto – No Slumber at this Party 

Mistress Mercy, Temptress Sam and Goddess Rii are bouncing around on the mattress as this scene opens, laughing, pillow fighting, and generally just having a grand old time. The mattress is really rocking, what’s going on? The camera scrolls down and we see why, the mattress is being held up on the backs of three slaves and they seem to be having a hard time. The camera scrolls back up to the mattress and the slaves suffering is clearly of…

Female Domination, Trampling

Clubstiletto – Yaz and Mercy Boot Trample 

The breath taking duo of Mistress Mercy and Mistress Yaz are looking especially stunning in this clip and feeling extremely sadistic. Their slave is laying on the floor and their plan is to walk all over him. Mercy has heavy soled boots while Yaz is wearing 8″ stiletto boots. Mercy focuses on heavy impact on the slaves chest and head while Yaz points the sharp heels into the slaves stomach and legs. They start to jump on him and he…

Female Domination, Trampling

Miss Courtney – Cum Beneath my Casadei Blades 

DescriptionThe absolutely gorgeous bombshell Miss Courtney receives a Christmas gift today from one of her slaves. Brand new Casadei Blades, but he didn’t wrap the gift. Come on, really ? How’s the Christmas present if it’s not being wrapped. Miss Courtney would forgive the slave (or maybe not), because these are her favourite stilettos. Looking so hot wearing very nice black shirt, black leather pencil skirt and those gorgeous shoes Miss Courtney seems very happy. So the slave is allowed…

Female Domination, Trampling

Clubstiletto – Feet Fuckup 

Four Dommes trampling, what could go wrong for the slave? The slave is trampled over his entire body, including his face, which is no small feat for any slave as even slim bodies add up when multiplied by four. They even jump on him. The ladies decide to have some fun and tell the slave to close his eyes to guess who’s stepping on him. They signal for their other chubby slave to come step on him. Once on they…

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Femdom trampling is among the most polarizing genres around. Some feel that it’s just too damn hardcore, y’ recognize? Clearly, individuals associated with these penis crush video clips never ever leave untouched. With all the activity that happens in our hard trampling videos, you can basically guarantee that the servant had suffered some serious inner damages. Do any one of the mistresses care about any of that? No.

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Ever before desired to see a cock trample video clip so harsh and also so visceral that you’ll be compelled to look away? They do not begin running over penis unless they feel certain about creating injury. You can argue for hrs to no end concerning running over pornography and also how this specific femdom sex style prices versus all the various other ones, however the honest truth is easy– running over porn is HELLA FUCKING POPULAR. There are many women that honestly enjoy stomping dick more than they enjoy having sex.

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