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Farts, Female Domination

Mistress Kawaii – Smothed by my Farts 

I’ve had a big lunch…and it is not sitting well with me. So..I figured, why not let my slave deal with the after efects of a big lunch! You know what that means?? I’m going to unleash my big stinky farts all over his face! First I start out by teasing and taunting him with my big Goddess ass, and just laugh at how scared he is. He is not going to like this. But, do I care? Hell no!!…

Farts, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Fart Session turns into Full Toilet Duty 

Mistresses Mercy and Misha are chatting about the party the night before, how much nasty food and drink they had and how gassy they now are. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” says Mercy. “I think so” replies Misha. The scene rolls over they are now in the basement dungeon where they have tied two slaves together, back to back, with duct tape over their lips. It’s time to fart in their slaves faces and it will all go up…

Farts, Female Domination

Kinkpeek – Fart Face 7: Owned By Ass 

Fart Queen Mistress Stephie Staar is not satisfied with how accepting Her slave has been of breathing and tasting Her farts (and sharts) and is getting quite impatient. She decides that the only way to break the slave and get him to completely embrace the smell and taste of Her sphincter is if his life literally depends on it. So from now on, Her ass is the only thing he will look at, talk to, worship, clean, etc. She makes…

Farts, Female Domination

HotDirtyIvone – a Big ASS small GUYS 

To day in my clip i caught for you 3 guy, Im reduced them and enslaved. It’s their lucky day, because my ass doing wet farts for all. I put one by one inside my anus, under my gold panties. Now i push realy stron on their! Oh ye, breathe my ass, smell with all your body! When they are dirty and stink I’m swallow my guys! They fall in to my deep throath, then in my belly and them…

Farts, Female Domination

Yourfantasy6190 – Rocking around the Christmas tree and farts 

Decorating my Christmas tree.I wear a sexy Christmas lingerie and some white boots.I am very gassy and fart like crazy because I think I am all alone.After a few minutes I notice you’re there.I excuse myself for the farts but there s nothing I can do because my stomach is hurting and i really need to let them go.I hope Santa likes the gassy girls cause I’m the number one at that!In the end I prepare some milk an cookies…

Farts, Female Domination

HotDirtyIvone – Mad stinky kitty 

I am mad kitty. Your naughty pet. You you wanna be my master? My owner? Yes. Of course. You wanna this hot kitty in your bedroom. And this stinky loud farts which I make a lot. Meow. Meow. Come here. Meow. I wanna scratch you. show me your ‘tail’. I wanna see how hard it is right now. I am so loud and nasty. Sorry. This is who I am. Loud stinky but still really hot mad kitty.

Farts, Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking

Clubstiletto – Slippin n Slidin and Farting – Mistress Mercy Rage 

Divine Mistress Mercy is squatting on the armrests of her throne. She needs her ass licked. She calls her slave in, the other locked in the cage for disappointing her earlier and only allowed to watch. As he approaches she tells him to sit on the floor and lay his head on the chair. Once he is in place she applies lube to his rubber face mask so she can ride up and down his face and have his nose…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Farts, Female Domination

Ellieidol1 – F-a-Fan Contest Isn’t What You Thought 

You’re the winner of Chastity Lynn and Ellie Idol’s “F-a-Fan Contest” and they have you tied to a chair in their room. They tell you that you’re about to have your brains F’ed out so you better be ready for it! The anticipation builds for your special prize and you grow hard as a rock at the sight of Chastity’s ass in a red thong panty.but when she blasts a sloppy wet fart in your direction, you’re mortified!! What IS…

Farts, Female Domination

HotDirtyIvone – Gassed in cage 

You live only for Mistress pleasure. Little man with no voice. Sorry, you’re so small than anyone can hear you. Simple? Miss Sarah Nilson catches you and locked into tiny cage. You will stay here forever. And who know how long your life will be? Oh hi! From now you’re my new pet. New hamster in small cage. Do you know who you are? My own fart slave. Nope, not anly fart. You’re just smeller. I am so gassy. I…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Farts

Clubstiletto – Taped Mouth Fart Sniffer – Goddess Amelia 

Goddess Amelia is really gassy so she decides to duct tape her slaves mouth shut and fart in his face so he can only breath through his nose insuring he catches every whiff of her overly ripe gas bombs. Amelia has been partying, drinking and eating spicy food and the proof is in the air as she expels fart after fart. She starts by sitting on the slaves face then lays sideways on the bed before dropping her first fart…

Farts, Female Domination

Kinkpeek – Fart Face 8: Fart Taster 

Goddesses Raevyn Rose and Asia Perez are sitting on top of Raevyn’s new slave. He is hooded, blindfolded, in chastity, cuffed & collared. They’re using him as human furniture and discussing how many slaves Raevyn’s been training lately and how many uses She’s found for slaves. Goddess Raevyn explains that She uses them for literally anything at all, and that this one is going to be trained to smell Her farts. As She is explaining this, She climbs atop his…

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