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CfnmTV – Among Friends Part 3 

What started as a perfectly reputable dinner party has actually descended into something far more interesting! Stark naked as well as following his partner’s every dream, Chris is offering the after dinner home entertainment – offering up his arse for use by the ecstatic lady friends of his better half. It definitely isn’t becoming the kind of evening Chris was anticipating! Yet, constantly anxious to please his other half, he goes along with her video games regardless of how embarrassed…


CfnmTV – Humiliated For Money – Vitas Part 2 

The women begin gently – allowing Vitas obtain an incorrect complacency. He’s all smiles to start with as it feels like the females are merely teasing him a little. However Carla as well as Roxy soon start to up the ant with their captive friend. Vitas has actually never met any type of women like Carla as well as Roxy before. Stunning, seductive as well as difficult to read – he has no choice however to follow their directions and…

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Among Friends Part 2 

Chris is in ownership of some rather racy underclothing! Generally he ‘d keep it as a saucy shock for his partner Fiona. However this evening, at her insistence, he is to design it for all her close friends to see. And she will not even allow him to leave the room to get altered … Fiona excitedly pulls off as well as pulls on Chris’s numerous underwears– each even more revealing than the following. Each time his huge thick penis…

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Among Friends Part 1 

Dinner parties can typically be stale events: they begin OK, but the conversation quickly runs dry. However when Fiona welcomes her good friends over for the evening she has a lovely surprise for the gathered women – offering her husband Chris as the enjoyment! As the only guy present at the supper celebration, Chris currently feels a little out of place. However when his better half recommends he design his new underwear in front of her friends it gets even…

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – The Exchange Student Part 7 

Kian had actually wished that when Pierre left he ‘d have the ability to put his embarrassing experiences behind him. Always remembered, but likewise never ever discussed once again. However, his Auntie has actually delighted in the check out and also the adjustments in her nephew so much that she is eager to proceed the international young boy’s customs. Despite just how shameful it is for poor Kian.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – The Exchange Student Part 6 

There is a custom where Pierre originates from – that a team of naked kids ought to all wank right into a glass – with the first one to climax being the champion. It is a test of manliness, toughness and endurance. There is no prize for the victor … but the loser should pay an extremely high rate without a doubt.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – The Exchange Student Part 5 

For the ladies it’s a real reward to have all the young boys nude and under their control. They admire as well as touch their bodies as freely as they desire – without worry for exactly how it makes them really feel. Having Pierre pertain to stay has opened their eyes to the advantages of male nudity and also they are cherishing every second.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Humiliated for money – Ivan & Stan Part 2 

The fired up women have actually stripped their very first potential candidate as well as are currently washing him to make certain he behaves as well as tidy for them. They soap up his naked body as well as take care to get into every space as well as cranny. Their ministrations must be driving their Ivan wild with desire. Yet he’s not enabled to touch the women unless they say so – he is simply there for their enjoyment.


CfnmTV – Detention Part 4 

With his arse red raw from the fucking, Raymond does not think things can obtain any worse. However he’s about to be proved wrong. The strict educator as well as complacent schoolgirl Cassie have a couple of even more penalties up their sleeves before they are finished with him.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – The Exchange Student 3 

Pierre is entirely at ease being naked around the fully-clothed females. And when he takes a bath, he is quite pleased for Aunt Finula to give him an assisting hand – just like his mommy would certainly do in your home. Where he comes from it is likewise typical to drain the men’s testicles of sperm …

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Detention Part 3 

The strap-on from the lost property box is coming in useful. There’s absolutely nothing like a great difficult fucking up the arse to bring recalcitrant young men into line. Raymond does not understand what’s hit him as it seems like his backside is being split in two. No longer is he cocky and also prepared with a clever remark – currently he cowers and also whimpers as the instructor breaks him in.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Detention Part 2 

Having been bought to strip naked, a nervous Raymond stands there with no garments on shivering a little. He’s dealt with the cane a couple of times yet there’s something regarding the glint in Miss Theresa’s eye that frightens him. Little does he realise that this is to be a detention like no other he’s ever experienced.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – The Exchange Student Part 2 

It’s a really weird dinner event with the exchange student existing. There’s no avoiding the fact that there is a nude boy carrying on as though nothing were amiss. But as Pierre clarifies extra about the community where he comes from, everything begins to make even more feeling. Certainly – it seems like a perfectly affordable tradition to all the women existing.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Nick’s New Secretary Part 3 

The females have a schedule of their very own – but Nick has no idea what it is. He’s battling internally to withstand their demands although he knows it’s pointless. He’s confused, angry yet likewise a little anxious as the women’s needs end up being increasingly undermining.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Detention Part 1 

When trainees break the guidelines, they have to anticipate to be punished. At St Dunstan’s there is a moving range: beginning with detention and also ending with expulsion. There are some hopeless situations like Raymond nevertheless, that seem to make it their life’s objective to push the limits. Miss Theresa has had enough and also decides to take matters right into her very own hands.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Nick’s New Secretary Part 2 

Stark naked and also no more in control in his own office, Nick Groves allows himself to be led around by the enigmatic Janet. He’s powerless to stand up to as well as his objections fall on deaf ears. The woman is clearly as much as something but his befuddled mind can not exercise what.

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