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CfnmTV – Peter’s Story Part 2 

Peter’s relative as well as the other girls mercilessly taunt the poor boy about the dimension of his penis. Their mocking laughter loads his ears as well as reduces him to tears. Yet if he believed that was bad, the following day is going to be a lot more of a shock. His auntie Ruth marches him to one of the educators at school – figured out to obtain specialist aid for his “development trouble.”

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CfnmTV – The Airport Part 4 

Duncan had hoped that having handled the other man, the gatekeeper may forget him. However the women remain in a craze of exhilaration and also wish to see more naked male flesh. So they get hold of the hapless man as well as tear his garments off to get to his cock, balls and arse.

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CfnmTV – Pornstar Payback Part 2 

At first the ladies wanted to simply teach Aaron a lesson by stripping and humiliating him. But since he’s continued to spout insults at them they decide he needs a firmer lesson in how to treat women. They will make this spoiled brat pay in the only way he can now that he’s stark naked and vulnerable!

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CfnmTV – Immigration: Yuris Part 3 

With Jane carefully attacking his rectum, Yuris shouts with pain. However he’s entirely powerless and at the women’s grace. As they tease him as well as search him around he starts to ask yourself if it’s all worth it. He may regret consenting to their exam when he discovers what else they have actually prepared for him.

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CfnmTV – The Airport Part 3 

Having actually been caught with a stash of porn in his instance, the police officers are currently required to do a full health examination. They have his spouse’s full permission – so there’s little Jacob can do regarding it. He’s about to discover just how invasive and also awkward being nude in public can be …

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CfnmTV – Immigration: Yuris Part 2 

If it weren’t for his requirement to attend to his household, upset Yuris would never have agreed to eliminate all his garments. Currently he’s stood in the office with the ladies pawing at his cock and rounds. But he doesn’t yet realise how much they are prepared to go. Or just how intimate this meeting is mosting likely to be.


CfnmTV – The Airport Part 2 

Young monetary analyst Duncan has actually currently experienced the wrath of the security officers. Stripped down to his underpants and groped, the shy boy is horrified. Yet he obtains a short-term reprieve when Councillor Jacob Abeokuta demands that they “rush.” Like a red rag to a bull, his words are about to obtain him into a lot of problem.

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CfnmTV – Immigration: Yuris part 1 

Migrant worker Yuris goes to the visa office to renew his job permit. He believes it’ll simply be a rule – sign a few documents as well as he’ll be on his means. Just how incorrect he is! He’s about to undergo an extremely comprehensive as well as intense meeting to decide his future. If the females decide he’s not good enough he’ll be slung abroad … Component 1 Macho Yuris is used to hard manual labour in the company…

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CfnmTV – The Airport Part 1 

It has actually been a busy day at the Excellent airport protection check and female guards Violet, Donna and also Patty are getting progressively short tempered. It appears to be the day for hard customers as well as the hard females are taking no rubbish. Problem betide anybody that crosses them!

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CfnmTV – Harsh Lesson in Morality Part 3 

Currently entirely nude, Tarquin is being examined by the 3 fully-clothed ladies. He won’t obtain the task unless Mrs Barcliff is entirely pleased – and also she’s being very complete. Having actually been on the obtaining end of his undesirable focus, Farrah sees a chance to show this little turf a lesson.

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CfnmTV – The Lothario Part 3 

Paulo’s arse is in agony as the angry manageress gets her rage by approximately penetrating him. She’s determined to exact vengeance for damaging her heart. As well as with her colleagues aid, will ensure the young man is absolutely humiliated as well as damaged.

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CfnmTV – Harsh Lesson in Morality Part 2 

Arrogant young Tarquin believes the task at the financial institution is underneath him – but reluctantly accepts go for an interview to please his aunty. Coming from the prestigious St Dunstan’s Institution he’s utilized to obtaining everything he desires. But Mrs Barcliff isn’t impressed by anything like that and also has her own ways of identifying whether he appropriates to work for her. COMPONENT 2: Tarquin’s cockiness has left him as he stands in Mrs Barcliff’s office with his penis…

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CfnmTV – Harsh Lesson in Morality Part 1 

Mrs Winstanley is trying to do her nephew Tarquin a favour and obtain him a placement at the bank she works at. The choice lies with Mrs Barcliff – the stern bank manager who places wonderful significance on pureness and also great morals. Unfortunately the young boy has a guilty trick that can spoil his opportunities.

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CfnmTV – The Lothario Part 2 

Paulo is so arrogant that he readily presumes the other women intend to assist him. And also as they present their bodies seductively his desire takes over completely. Yet all is not what it seems – as he will figure out. And also the manageress is about to discover a stark lesson. Paulo has been striving on the manageress – utilizing his wiles to win her over. She has caught his flirtations as well as he is close to closing…

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CfnmTV – The Lothario Part 1 

Paulo is so arrogant that he readily presumes the other women want to assist him. And as they display their bodies seductively his desire takes over entirely. But all is not what it appears – as he’s about to find out. And also the manageress will find out a stark lesson.

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CfnmTV – American Football Part 8 

It appears there are no limits to what the female pupils will put their restricted jocks with in the name of study. Having whipped them both up into a state of unbearable sex-related arousal, they are currently demanding that Jack satisfaction Carl with his mouth.

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