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Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – How Far Will He Go? Part 1 

Labourer as well as part-time footballer Darius Keseru is desperate to get into the nation. Where he originates from job opportunity are restricted and he sees relocating right here as a chance for a far better future – for him as well as his young family members. Yet the stern females at the migration workplace won’t allow just any person in – oh no. They need to make certain any person allowed in will be a possession to the nation…

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – American Football Part 5 

Tough guy Jack is stunned to be awakened by Tara as well as Abi as well as is experiencing the exact same penalty as Carl as they beat his revealed bottom. Yet this is simply the begin of the experiment. Both he as well as Carl are mosting likely to be tested to their limitations prior to the ladies are satisfied.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Sexual Harassment Part 3 

Tarana as well as Alyssa beam of light with the power they have over Marcello, specifically keeping his pride and joy secured a chastity gadget. This clerical hooligan has actually invested a lot time swaggering around the office displaying his bundle to all the women trainees. Now his manhood is locked up as well as can not be let loose without the girls’ permission.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – American Football Part 4 

Having bound, blindfolded and spanked Carl’s arse he’s nearly ready to be the unsuspecting test subject in Tara’s experiment. All they have to do is creep him past the other jocks in the altering space. And discover one more based on accompany him …

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Sexual Harassment Part 2 

Marcello Chiellini has actually just learned that he’s no longer the top dog at this firm. Tarana is now accountable and also she won’t endure his macho proud attitude any kind of longer. To drive the factor house she’s made him disrobe buck naked right in the middle of his own workplace. That looks like the top executive currently?

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – American Football Part 3 

There’s absolutely nothing the team like better than obtaining their disappointments in the gym. It’s a chance to display as well as see that’s the best. As well as likewise a chance to flaunt regarding their sex-related prowess also. Regrettably for the men, their conversation is overhanging by the very woman they are reviewing.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Sexual Harassment Part 1 

It’s a normal day at the offices of Bando Engineering Ltd until the news starts spreading out like rapidfire that they are being taken control of by a large international conglomerate. Will this be excellent information or poor for the staff? Everybody tensely waits to hear. But macho manager Marcello Chiellini is positive that it will certainly imply a large promo for him including great deals of fringe benefits – like an attractive brand-new assistant!

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Discipline Tripp Ii Part 9 

Having seen several demos of the bull sperm gathering tools, the schoolgirls are now certain they know exactly how to use it. The good news is they have somebody all tied up with no place to go – that they can exercise on. It’s time to bring Donald in as well as see how much sperm they can draw out from him!

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – American Football Part 1 

Hartsmere College has a top quality football group. Numerous pupils on the group have actually taken place to become expert players. Therefore, competition to get on the group as well as between players is high. Make one slip on the field and also your group friends aren’t most likely to forgive you. If they see an opportunity to outshine everyone else, they ‘d gladly step on the face of one more individual on the group. It’s a competitive, challenging, manly…

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Discipline Tripp Ii Part 8 

Seeing the farmhand connected to the bull sperm collecting devices has actually loaded the women of St Dunstan’s with interest. So much so that they wish to see an additional demo. Fortunately there are other male specimens that can be made use of – and also with the full authority of the educator they can not refuse.


CfnmTV – Chauvinist Pygmalion Part 5 

Siobhan and Lucinda have actually reeled in their prey. Dumb Lionel does not realise he’s been set up – yet the incriminating photos on his phone are sufficient to lose him his job. The females have removed him and are now savouring every square inch of their new slave’s body.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Chauvinist Pygmalion Part 4 

The females have not forgotten about Lionel – the various other maintenance male who really did not show them the appropriate level of regard. With David’s “support” they have set the beefy guy up. They wait patiently in the office, all set to spring their trap. But will he be foolish adequate to fall for it?

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Discipline Tripp Ii Part 7 

Ms Murphy is always searching for ways to make her lessons a lot more appealing for the students of St Dunstan’s. It’s not an easy job as they constantly appear to locate methods to mess about and also sidetrack themselves. But she’s persuaded a practical demonstration of the sperm collecting tool will keep them enthralled.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Discipline Tripp II Part 6 

Estelle, Mindy and also Belinda have actually taken young tell-tale Donald as well as dragged him off to a silent edge where they will not be interrupted. they’ve had enough of him spoiling their enjoyable as well as are out for vengeance. He’ll soon want he ‘d never ever attempted cross these fierce and also relentless girls.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Chauvinist Pygmalion Part 3 

Upkeep man David is desiring he ‘d never ever fulfilled Siobhan and also Linda. Their retribution for his chauvinistic behavior has been to eliminate all his clothing and capitalize on his nude body. They mean to drive home the message that it’s not OKAY to deal with ladies like objects. By the time they are completed he’ll have a brand-new discovered regard for his women coworkers.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Field Tripp II Part 5 

Educator’s pet Donald is the institution swot. He always hands his homework in on time, is never ever late for course and never ever misbehaves. If he sees the other students doing something they should not he’s more than all set to inform the instructor and get them right into problem. However out on the ranch as well as well out of view of Ms Murphy he will get his comeuppance.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Field Tripp II Part 4 

It could not have been such an excellent idea to let a course of hormonally billed pupils loose on the ranch. Without teachers to watch on them they are hectic getting themselves into mischief. For sweeties Carla and also John it’s the chance for some erotic exploration in what they believe is a quiet corner of a field. Bit do they recognize that their every action is being observed by eager eyes.

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