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Cfnm, Female Domination, Slapping, Spanking & Whipping

CFNMEu – October 23, 2019 – Jan Bavor, Dominantni Sestra 

CFNM JAN BAVOR Muscled str8 guy Jan Bavor has been hooded and shackled, wearing just some see-through underwear. he is joined by his sexy tormentress who tells him to keep quiet. She whips his sexy body and scratches over his torso, slapping it too. Then she removes Jan’s hood and we see that he is gagged as well. His cock gets hard in his underwear as the girl torments him. She whips his hot body some more. Then she rips…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination, Pegging, Slapping, Spanking & Whipping, Strap-on

Goddess Tangent World of Femdom – A Painful Lesson 

Slave Boy Marcelo’s hands are chained above his head incapable of escape from the cruel Mistress Tangent. She brings out a gigantic cock and tells him that he’s going to take it for her. He looks at it in terror and pleads that she doesn’t make him take the giant cock. This is unacceptable. She brings out a wooden paddle and proceeds to connect it violently on his little ass over and over again until it is beaming red. She…


DirtyDommes – Bound and Face Slapped 

No escape and punishment is coming! This male’s cheeks won’t remain pale for long once we start SLAPPING his FACE. Harder and harder until his brain no longer knows what is left nor right. His head trying to cope with the impact as we use our bare hands to remind him of his place.

Female Domination, Slapping

MeanGirlBella – Face Slapping Frustration Relief 

I come through the front door in a huff. Someone cut me off in traffic. Luckily, my slave is bowed with its ugly face to floor in worship of me- right where I left it several hours ago when I went out. I snap my fingers and command it to kneel up. Then I proceed to slap him right across the face over and over, expressing my displeasure at the other driver. (and since I cant beat HIM- I will…


Clubdom – Face Smacked Ashtray – Janna Hicks 

Mistress Janna Hicks is incredibly sadistic. She smacks her bitch boy in the face until he is beat red. Janna gets off of the power she has over her slut boy. After she takes her angst out, she becomes satisfied and, lights up a smoke, using his worthless mouth as an ashtray. After all, male have their purpose.


Clubdom – The Introduction, Part of 1 of Sociopathic Tendencies – Raven Eve 

Temptress Raven Eve is in the mood for a little strange. She has arranged to have a slave sent over through a black market service. When the slave is delivered, she immediately strips him down and, inspects him, under a bright light. She wants to know that she has gotten no less than what she has paid for. Then she snatches him up, drags him outside and, sprays him down with the water hose. Oh, this is going to be…


FemdomInsider – Red Devil Slaps Harder 

Miss Lesly looks all devilish in her red lingerie and matching stiletto heeled pumps for this brand new slapping feature. Her chubby slave just stares at her, completly under her spell, and lets her slap his face with anger, increasing the speed of her strokes until the guy begs for her to stop.

Female Domination, Slapping

MistressGaia – Harmful Hands 

Having beautiful hands is always a great asset. Being able to use them to maximum effect is important. I have my slave bound to the cross, and he’s going to have the experience of worshiping my beautiful hands. I allow him the privilege to lick and kiss my fingers as I run them over his face and mouth. I know he’s enjoying it, however it’s not all about pleasure. I need him to understand the power I have over him…

Riding, Slapping

Clubdom – Punished for Speaking by Lady Karma 

It is a beautiful day on the slave farm, so Lady Karma decides to go for a ride on the pony cart. After going around the grounds a few times, she decides to give her pony cart pulling slave a break. She allows her slave the honor of worshipping her long thigh high boots. He kisses, licks and sucks on her heel. Her stupid slave loves it so much that he can’t shut up about how much he enjoys it….

Female Domination, Slapping, Smoking, Spitting

Clubdom – Lady Karma’s Degraded Ashtray 

Lady Karma has made it clear to her slave that it is not a person. It is a thing for her use and her enjoyment. Her slave has no voice and no opinions. It just exists to please Lady Karma. Her pathetic slave is now kneeling below the beautiful Lady Karma in the dungeon. She is smoking a cigarette while explaining how she expects her slave to behave. What Lady Karma wants now is too use her bitch as an…

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