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Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Dirty, Pungent, Perfect – Mistress T 

Mistress T is laying on her belly and also you see only her pantyhose covered legs as well as the stilettos on her feet. The cam pulls back till you obtain a full body view of her grinning and also looking straight at you. “Consider you, taking a look at my footwear as well as imagining just how wet they must be, the sweat, just how they must smell, exactly how they must taste, you ache for it, don’t you?”…

CBT & Ballbusting

Clubstiletto – I told you I was going to HURT you – Mistress April 

Mistress April has her servant protected by the wrists, above his head and also off the beaten track, so she can bring upon more suffering on him. She has her plant and starts to paddle his butt with it. She also utilizes her hands to provide him a firm spanking, rotating from one to the other. “Experiencing assists grow the servants entry” she claims. Soon the slaves butt is bright red however she says she wishes to see some black…

Female Domination, Spanking & Whipping

Clubstiletto – Bad boyfriend – Ms Bijou, Miss XI 

Ms Bijou has increased her child to always value ladies, to literally leap when they break their fingers so when she finds out he’s been treating his partner Sara (Miss Xi) poorly she reacts promptly. She squeals for Patrick to enter the room. Bijou tells Xi to undo his belt as well as take down his pants. He will be embarrassed by reviewing mamma’s knee and spanked. Xi exposes his indiscretions, which she recognizes, as well as not only have…

Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking

Clubstiletto – Best of All – Miss Madison 

Miss Madison is kicking back on the bed putting on fishnet stockings as well as an attractive green skirt/ top combination. “Kiss my feet, servant” she tells him. Her luscious full breasts look like they are ready to break out of her top. “If you do that well I might offer you something extra” she claims to encourage him. Naturally he’s currently thinking about licking her asshole. After some initiative she gets up on all fours and also informs him…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – 220 Pound Face Sitting Cum Collector – Lady Katy 

Lady Katy is helping collect orgasm for a project the ladies at Club Heel are servicing. After 30 approximately lots they will certainly feed it to a slave so today her servant reaches cum to assist accumulate the stock. She will sit on his face, all 220 extra pounds of her, and also make him fight for air under her butt till he cums. Breath play as well as butt licking that finishes with a climax. The very first surge…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Stinky Panties, Pantyhose, Dirty Asses and warm Piss 

It’s your fortunate day, Mistress T and Goddess Samantha desire their butt cracks sniffed and licked as well as you reach do it. Mistress T tells you she’s been putting on the very same pantyhose for days so they are rather musty. She informs you to hide your nose right in her ass with her pantyhose giving the rich fragrances you long for. “Can you smell what my filthy butt crack scents like with my filthy pantyhose over top?” she…

Female Domination

Clubstiletto – You’re just a Floor – Miss Xi 

Miss Xi walks into the space where she keeps her servant in the flooring box for long periods of time. She has a bucket over his head to make his world also smaller. Currently she is here to utilize him for her enjoyment. She gets rid of the container from his head yet not before banging on it initially to make sure he’s wide awake. “You were as soon as a man yet consider you now you’re just a slave…

Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Get in the Hot Tub so I can SIT on your face – Miss Madison 

Miss Madison is enjoying her jacuzzi on a beautiful Fall day. It’s a little bit chilly out yet she is so warm in the bathtub. She made the slave jump in the swimming pool prior to rubbing her so he’s cool in his wet swimwear. A Girlfriend has to be innovative when it involves disciplining a servant. && quot; If you’re excellent possibly I’ll allow you in the jacuzzi and sit on your face. After a back massage therapy and…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Cum dirty pig with your snout up My Ass – Mistress Kandy 

Kandy is a super warm Milf and fucks studs with the snap of a finger. Her tiny lymp dicked servant is of little use to her apart from to remain on as well as get a good rimming or as the case in this scene get a good rimming while bring upon discomfort to his penis and also spheres, due to the fact that she simply occurs to be vicious also. She literally splashes hurting servants which works out well…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Laughingstock of the Office – Mistress T 

You’re so weak that a strong leading lady quickly turns you into putty, and right here you are now, staring helplessly at your employer’s ass as she talks on the phone. You’re almost immobilized till it’s far too late and also she turns around to catch you. “What the fuck are you doing?” she requires to recognize. T tells you she understands what you’re doing, as well as she could see right from the beginning that you were utterly weak…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Don’t you want to Please Step-Mommy – Miss Madison 

This scene opens up with warm Milf Miss Madison sitting on the staircases waiting for her boy Johnny to find into your home. She has just watched out the window and seen him speaking with the woman next door. Madison has informed him adamantly that he can not talk or associate with any other females apart from her. She is all he requires. When Johnny goes into the house Madison calls him to her. Johnny asks sheepishly if every little…

Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Stepmom shows Her how to Live Her Best Life – Mistress Kandy, Princess Jemma 

Kandy has married and also gained a young ignorant stepdaughter while doing so. It’s Kandy’s duty to assist her to guarantee she lives her ideal life, which suggests utilizing men for her amusement and also benefit. In this scene, Jemma tells Kandy that she really enjoys having guys lick her asshole, and that they’re normally so disgusting it appears that’s all they’re really great for. Kandy pulls Jemma’s panties to the side, spreads her ass cheeks, as well as states,…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – You lost, Get under My Ass – Mistress Jasmine 

Miss Jasmine has tricked more guys with her piled deck of cards than you can visualize. The latest sucker needs to pay his financial obligation off by being her bitch for the day. An optimal method to condition him to a life of thrall, something he’s likely never thought about in the past. As Jasmine moves from onward to reverse setting on his face she laughs at the thought he was so certain he ‘d have his method with her….

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – That’s all you are Good for – Mistress T 

You get on your knees prior to Mistress T, that torments you by not putting on anything to cover her pussy, as well as that sees how determined you are to be her servant. It entertains her. “You fucking item of schl1t. You recognize no woman would certainly ever have anything to do with you,” she claims with excellent ridicule. She informs you she would certainly never ever fuck you; not in a million years, as well as nor would…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Zip(per) It – Ms Sinstress 

Ms Sinstress and also her slave are both attired in PVC, hers has a zipper via the crotch as well as she has the sliders centered so when she rests on his face he obtains the worst of it. If you’ve ever before had a zipper on your face you know how agonizing it can be as well as Sinstress takes it to the following level by making her slave fight for air at the same time. She likes seeing…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – I hope you’re THIRSTY – Goddess Mahina 

Goddess Mahina gets on the bed brushing her hair and speaking about how she uses her step-brother as her bathroom to fluff her boyfriend as well as his tongue to clean her up anywhere she’s dirty, be it her body sweat, her ripe butt or her orgasm loaded pussy. Throughout this scene he is locked in the storage room as she wants some alone time with simply you and also her. “This power turns me on” she says as she…

Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking

Clubstiletto – Don’t look at My Pussy, Asslicker – Miss Madison 

Miss Madison is stooping on the bed with her slave behind her who is admiring her panty covered ass. She has on mismatched black and white socks as well as informs her slave it’s due to the fact that it advises her of her boyfriend as she’s white and also he’s black. She tells him ahead in as well as sniff her butt. He after that has to inform her just how much he loves her butt. “Do you like…

Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking

Clubstiletto – The Auntie Paige and kenny Ass Licking Chronicles 

Kenny is being minded by his Auntie Paige while Mammy gallivants via Europe fucking young men. She requires a break from kenny even though she enjoys using him as her major fluffer and bathroom. Now, with simply the two of them in the house, bad kenny breaks down and also relies on his aunt that something isn’t ideal in the household. Auntie pries kenny for information. He starts to sob and also claims he can not also talk to the…

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