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Female Domination, Wax Play

Goddess Gynarchy – Wax Play 

A waxplay virgin has his pain threshold analyzed. Suspended and cuffed into some leather match, Goddess Serena utilizes a variety of brightly coloured candles onto her behalf nervous pig pig. He wriggles and yells with pleasure and pain since the wax grabs most his painful and sensitive places.

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian, Wax Play

QueenSnake – HOT WAX – MICHA 2020 February 29 

Micha’s very first hot-wax session. She never tried anything like that before so that she had been very astonished how sexy it may be, especially if it flows in the cracks between her labias and asscheeks. And then Jessica was a true bitch massaging it out of pretty close in the own skin, candles Upsidedown the Majority of the instances, therefore the wax is your latest – great apprentice.

Female Domination, Wax Play

DominatrixAnnabelle – Cattle Prods Extraordinaire! – Annabelle Tamsin 

My mailman endures another round of electrifying cock and ball torment. Not one, not two or three cattle prods, oh no, why stop there when I can use two on each hand!!! It’s having the skills to use cattle prods as though they’re chopsticks!!! What I will say about this movie is it’s incredibly funny! I’ve always maintained how important it is to ensure my friends have fun. There are times when one may wish to experience the harsher side…

Latex & Rubber, Lezdom & Lesbian, Nipple Teasing, Wax Play

Amator – September 17, 2019 – Star Mistress Luci, Slave Girl Nina 

A Light in the Dark Sweet brat Nina likes her first lesbian experience with a dominatrix. Round 2 is then only first very dark and then very bright as the hot wax on Ninas super-sensitive nipples and labia drips, of course, the pin-wheel is used again and the feet may suffer under the tickling again. When the little girl is about to be insane, the Hitachi is nasty-wise bring into the game and Nina experiences her first lesbian orgasm!

Female Domination, Wax Play

Dominatrix Annabelle – It’s just so Surreal! 

  Surrealism! Sensual Erotica of the 1st Degree! There’s nothing quite like listening to the voice of dear george in utter turmoil, not knowing whether he’s cumming or going, been or gone! Never in his dreams would he feel he would experience the most intense sensations, his emotions of complete exhaustion continued long after I left him drained, shattered, depleted, tormented and DENIED! Every session is unique. A journey into the unknown. Never knowing what awaits him, other than knowing…

Wax Play

Dominatrix Annabelle – Wax Indulgence 

  Greedy? Yes! Sadistic? Unbelievably! Erotic? Unquestionably!   Dark foreboding lair, filled with large candles burning through this midnight hour. The warmth from the sizzling flickering flames can be felt, as I nestle up to my slave and indulge in one of my favourite pastime rituals! Piping HOT wax. Smothering his erect penis while he’s shackled and bound to my wooden bench. What is so conspicuous is the intensity of our session within a most atmospheric and moody dungeon.  …

Wax Play

Ella Kross – Whipping a female slave after Burning Her Asshole with Hot Wax! (home made) 

  “Now, bitch, I want to see your ass,” I command as this dumb whore kneels naked before me. She’s cheated on her husband, has come to me for punishment, and I show no mercy as I drizzle her with hot wax from two burning candles. Her bare back is completely covered in it, but I’m still not satisfied and drip more of the scalding wax all over her nude bottom. She squirms in pain, unable to stay still as…

Wax Play

Dominatrix Annabelle – Devilish Wax Treatment! 

  I’m sure you will agree that was quite a session! The beauty of all my sessions come from the genuine relationships I have with them, and the more we interact the more I get to explore their fetishes, as well as getting to know them as real people. I do laugh and smile a lot in session and out of session! Being able to film the session means I’ve captured our time together, and we can always look back…

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