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Female Domination, Giantess

Tinyfetishfun – Sapphire Blue 

The foot high muscled and toned activity guy remains in for a squashing time as he respects his significant, buxom, blonde Giantess. She towers above him and also he recognizes he has little control over what happens to him next as she steps closer as well as hovers her sharp, high heels straight over him intimidating to crush him – 4K, Activity Man, Blondes, Heels Crush, Foot Crush, Butt Crush

Female Domination, Giantess

TintFetishFun – Rebeccah Leah 

Workplace secretary Rebeccah Leah has diminished her group of employees. They were anyway as well as currently they are tiny and also defenseless and also simple sufficient for her to take care of them crushing them beneath her high heels and bare feet before devouring the rest.

Female Domination, Giantess

THE DREAM OF A TINY FOOL feat AstroDomina 

You might think this is your dream scenario, but I will soon make sure it turns into a nightmare! Can this little man survive my tits and ass all over his little body? Are you sure that you’re ready? You didn’t believe me that I could shrink you, but here you are, on my bed, tiny and helpless before me! We had a deal little man and there is no backing out from it! If you can survive being smothered…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination, Giantess


When I catch you perving on me at the gym, I don’t get even, I get shrinking! You try to remember what happened.. last thing you can remember is gawking and staring at Sydney’s ass at your gym, and now you find yourself dazed, fuzzy and shrunken inside her waistband. Suddenly she grabs you with her giant hand and holds you right up to her face! How did you get here?! Well, Sydney explains that she’s seen you perving on…


Mistress Gaia – Erasing Ken 

Please Mistress Gaia may I have another crushing / giantess video. If possible, with open sandals and stiletto heels and enamel on the nails. If you could use a puppet like KEN and get angry and concentrate on his head. During the dialogue I love hearing you say I’ll kick you! I’ll kick you! while you do it. I so enjoy your work, you’re the cruelest mistress I’ve ever seen. Thank you from your faithful worm…


PrettyBambi – James and the giant ass 

So this is the tale of a tiny man named James.A long time ago, in a far away land there was a man named James. One day James made a mistake that would cost him everything. You see, James wasn’t the smartest and on this day he really showed it. He truly underestimated the strength and power of Bambi and her plump granny-panty covered ass.While out and about Bambi accidently ripped a huge juicy fart and James decided to tease…


TheRealQueendom – Farmed for a Giantess Goddess 

See more Giantess Eat at The Queendom: Mistress An Li: You Have Two Options Madam RavenRae: RavenRae Goddess of Eat Astro Domina: Astro Domina Goddess of Eat Mistress An Li is a Goddess of Eat, that is, a Goddess who lives by consuming countless living sacrifices. You may think you’re here of your own free will, but really its been her divine hand that has guided you all along. All over the world are thousands of people who dream of…


TheQueendom – Your New Life with Jada: A World of Ass 

Also see the alternate version of this video: Your New Life with Jada: Eaten Alive “Are you still wanting to do this whole shrunken slave thing?” Jada asks, wondering why you would want to give up a good life as her boyfriend. You might think you know what you’d be getting into, but Jada is convinced you haven’t thought it all the way through. “Once I shrink you I will never be able to un-shrink you,” she warns. “And then…


Paraphilia51 – Stomping Out Crime 

  Not all giantess goddesses are evil. I for one am a perfect example of one who uses her power for good instead of just getting my jollies off by destroying boys. I am a adamant defender of my more vulnerable sisters who are preyed upon by sleazy creepy men. Unfortunately these darling lost girls aren’t imbued with the knowledge and ability to practice the dark art of growing 50 feet tall and stomping the absolutely shxt out of a…


Czech Soles – Giantess crushing puny cars 

  Giantess Eve wants to crush something and have some fun with all those puny vehicles at down at her feet and high heeled sandals. She selects her victims and crushes them until they are totaly broken in peaces and flat under her shoes! Those tiny cars, truck, tractor and even an airplane are all in pieces on the ground and giantess goddess Eve crushed them all. She can crush anything she want and there is nothing that can stop…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Giantess

American Mean Girls – Princess Bella, Goddess Raven – Shrink The Inferior Humans 

  Who would have thought that Wonder Woman would listen to reason, haha! At first she was telling me to be nice to mortals but after I explained to her that it is fun to step on lowly humans, she finally got it! We had a nice chat about how great my new evil shrink ray was and we talked about the various foot grinding techniques we could use when stepping on shrunken men! Especially those mortals that write us…

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