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TheEnglishMansion – Bullied By Headgirl Pt2 

Mean head lady Aurora continues the punishment as well as humiliation of Sophie and Sharon as she oversees there unfair apprehension. She utilizes her sexuality and also the various other girls unrequited desire to make them do whatever she orders. They are quickly licking her appealing shoes as she teases Sophie’s hard dick, she encourages her to assist in holding Sharon down, remaining on her face and also revealing her what a butt kisser actually is. She makes them promise…

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Lady Dark Angel: In No Gentle Mood For This Slave 

Lady dark angel remains in no state of mind for mild today. She determines her slave is to be made use of to her vicious fulfillment. She ties him up so she has accessibility all locations and profits to obtain wicked by torturing his nipple areas, slapping his face, spitting as well as slapping his locked up dick as well as spheres. She shows no grace even when he has a hard time. He will certainly take all punishment today…

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Clubstiletto – Her Pleasure, his Pain – Mistress Damazonia 

Mistress Damazonia has her pig servant bound to the ceiling by his wrists with a 5 pound weight hanging from his balls. He is defenseless and she will certainly make him suffer. She begins with a natural leather whip as well as quickly is working her magic on his back and also butt. As the flogging heightens the servant begins to cry out and thrash around. “Stop moving a lot” she warns him and afterwards begins flogging him also harder….

Female Domination, Spanking & Whipping

Mistress Ariana: Caning Discipline 

Ms. Elena De Luca and also Girlfriend Klara utilize their hands to rough up this servants ass. Limited by his wrists, he is completely powerless to the two Mistresses. Once his ass reddened enough for them, they got their walking sticks all set as well as determined it was time to use them. He understands that he has no other selection but to take every stroke and that the Mistresses will certainly not stop until they’re done. With each stroke,…

CBT & Ballbusting, Foot Worship, Spanking & Whipping, Spitting

Sadistic Asian Goddess & Captive Boss – Part 2 

I take pleasure in putting him in his location as my new, modest and also humiliated servant. I make him polish my latex gown, on his knees where he belongs. I put his face and spew right in his mouth, pressure him to present his bare ass to me while I spank his ass with a natural leather band. I kick my boss in the ass and laugh at his discomfort and also torment. I finger-fuck his hole, drip hot…

Spanking & Whipping

Clubstiletto – Bad lil Johnny – Mistress Kandy 

Allow it be understood that whatever penalty Kandy devises for junior; she does it out of love! That’s her duty: Maintaining careless men in line. Junior is called upon to submit to an OTK paddling since Kandy has caught him looking at various other girls. The only female in his life must be her, the Woman that has him completely. As a matter of fact, if Johnny ought to ever before be allowed a sweetheart, Kandy would rapidly turn that…

Female Domination, Spanking & Whipping

Mistress Lady Renee: “Сold Courtyard Whipping” 

This difficult whipping was made even harder for the slave when I took him outside for his punishment. I was nice as well as cozy in My jodhpurs, leather jacket, riding boots as well as leather handwear covers. Naturally the servant was freezing cool, naked and also suffering prior to I even started on his behind with My lengthy black whips. Each stinging whip strike seems like a burning hot wire as it stings his flesh. I can see in…

Shoe & Boots, Spanking & Whipping, Trampling

“Kat And Platinum – Milf And Stepdaughter Mercilessly Flay Loser Husband” 

Platinum whips her new hubby in front of her 19-year-old, Kat. Her brand-new other half needs to comprehend that his new stepdaughter is now in charge of him. Whatever she claims goes. If Platinum’s brand-new partner doesn’t go along with what Kat desires, then Platinum will harm him till he breaks down. Platinum reveals her 19-year-old just how to beat a loser. It’s something every teenager girl need to learn in your home. The loser needs to lick his stepdaughter’s…

Female Domination, Spanking & Whipping

TheEnglishMansion – Caught For A Caning – Mistress Courtney 

When Mistress Courtney goes into the dungeon and also discovers her slave is lounging around checking out porno magazines, rather than cleaning as instructed, she takes extremely strict activity. His hands are put on hold and also he is spanked, chopped and also strapped till his bottom is rosy red, before being linked on the penalty bench and also offered a difficult caning, up until she believes he has discovered his lesson.

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