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Female Domination, Sock worship and Sockjobs

BratPrincess2 – Fuzzy Sock Tease Makes Weak Beta Cum In Chastity 

I have been keeping Fluffy in chastity for SO long. So long that I can’t even remember how long it has been! He does a good job serving me. But lately he has been so fucking annoying. He moans and pouts at night because he is stuck in chastity. And in the morning, he cries because it hurts from his gross little dick that is trying to get hard. He wears a micro chastity because he has a micro dick…

Female Domination, Foot Worship, Sock worship and Sockjobs

Clubstiletto – BBW Big Bully School Girl – Lady Katy 

School girl Katy falls back on the chaise lounge voicing her frustration at how much she hates school and the teachers. They’ve been so mean just because she has slacked off on her home work. She has brought her lab partner, Johnny, home with her because she knows he has a crush on her and she has told him to meet her in the bedroom naked. When he comes in Katy is fully dressed and she tells him to kiss…

Female Domination, Sock worship and Sockjobs

MistressGaia – Bodybagged Socksucker 

I would certainly delight in serious foot praise video. Your feet are perspiring as well as stinky, and also you wear ghost socks as well as trainers all day. You understand quite possibly just how disgusting it is to your servant to smell your feet, which’s why you really want to see him endure as well as take torture him. He whines a great deal and also pleads you not to make him do it but you have no mercy,…

Female Domination, Shoejob, Sock worship and Sockjobs

Clubstiletto – Everyone Will See – Lady Katy 

School-girl Katy falls straight back to the chaise couch expressing her frustration in how far she hates school and also the educators. She did not perform her chem prep now the educator continues to be milling her gears. Luckily she’s attracted her laboratory partner dwelling with her to accomplish her home job but until she’s him reach she has told him to take off his clothes and come back straight back and pamper her original. She calls him in to…

Foot Worship, Sock worship and Sockjobs

Clubstiletto – Mistress Damazonia’s Dirty Night Part 2 

In part 1 of this scene (Mistress Damazonia’s Dirty Night) Mistress Damazonia had her slave worshiping her boots. In this clip you will see that she has now removed one boot so the slave gets the pleasure of actually sniffing, kissing, licking and sucking her foot and toes. She comments to the slave that she can feel how hot and sweaty they are as they have been in her boots all day. She has him remove the other boot and…

Foot Worship, Sock worship and Sockjobs

Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – Cheaters Never Prosper 

  Goddess Brianna is so disappointed in her friend Taylor. Who said he could text other women? Goddess Brianna never gave him permission to date or even talk with other women. Even a friend of a Goddess belongs to her. Goddess Brianna is going to make sure he doesn’t ever use his little pecker: she orders him to take off his clothes and opens her hands to reveal a metal chastity device. After locking himself in her cock cage, he…

Sock worship and Sockjobs

Femdom Empire – Tiffany Tyler – I don’t cheer for LOSERS! 

  Miss Tiffany doesn’t cheer for losers.. she punishes them! Tiffany humiliates the loser football player by making him massage, lick and worship her feet after cheering for him. She wipes her feet against his tongue making him lap up the sweaty bottoms of her feet. If he had won the game maybe he would be getting pussy tonight, but instead this loser will spend the night with a foot shoved in his mouth.

Sock worship and Sockjobs

Femdom Empire – Anna Deville – Intoxicating Overdose of Stink 

  Mistress Anna keeps only the most obedient boys around that are willing to worship any part of her, and that includes her dirty sneakers and smelly sock covered toes. She orders the slave to light her smoke and start licking away as she trains him to be the best stinky foot slut he could possibly be. There is no escaping the intoxicating aroma of her extra smelly sneakers, socks and cigarette smoke as the slave proves his devotion while…

Sock worship and Sockjobs

Madam Cat – Bratty feet after running 

  While Jack is hanging at his place enjoying quiet moments, this girl just runs in and immediately starts to bother Jack with questions and poking. She puts her feet into his lap and bothers him on and on and Jack feels really helpless. She’s so bratty, like a mean little girl poking and bothering without stop, she wants Jack to take of her shoe and smell it to find out whether it smells or not. After a while Jack…

Sock worship and Sockjobs

Men Are Slaves – Princess Lyla – Your New Name Is Fluffy 

  The girls often rename their male pets when they take ownership of them. It’s almost like they are branding them, customizing their male slave to their personal taste. This slave gets loaned around quite a bit and is used regularly by the girls so he will happily serve Lyla as a good male should. That’s why he sits there quietly and obediently as Lyla tells him of the tasks he will be doing as he signs a new slavery…

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