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Female Domination, Riding

Clubstiletto – Mistress Bliss – Now Everyone is Happy 

Mistress Bliss is in the woods with her pets. She beckons the pony over so she can mount him and go for a ride. Her female slave meanwhile has to walk close behind and stare at her owners ass. She stops the pony so her girl slave can kiss her ass cheeks. The riding then continues until the come across her forest playground. When the girl slave complains she is tired, Mistress makes her go on all fours and crawl…

Female Domination, Riding

Clubstiletto – Miss Judy – Muscle Bound Rider 

Muscle Mistress Judy is flexing her muscles as this scene opens. She’s is a rock hard weight lifter. She calls her pony over and mounts his shoulders. She plans to ride him about the house as it’s raining outside. Around the house he goes until she decides to make him work a little harder and sends him up the stairs to the upper level of the house. She has him go up and down the hallways until she decides she…


Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Her Pack Mule 

Mistress Kandy is mounting her big strong pony as the scene opens. She send shim down the trail and into the forest. She warns him to be careful of overhead branches because if he messes up her hair she will mess him up. This forces the pony to duck frequently insuring he works even harder. Meanwhile, Kandy looks back and you and says she can see you staring at her ass. The pony walks up the trail with some elevation…


TheEnglishMansion – Mistress Sidonia – More Blind Obedience 

The slave is in for a hard afternoon of exertion and trust giving, as he is in total visual deprivation, only able to respond to Mistress Sidonia’s voice. He wears a bondage harness, hands locked away and is ordered to run around the paddock, testing his fitness and obedience to the very limits. An amazing film.

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Riding

Clubstiletto – It’s Hot and Wet and Wonderful – Mistress Kandy 

Mistress Kandy calls her slave in on his knees and tells him to sniff her pussy. Unsatisfied with his efforts of late she has decided he will be close when she pees but not as close as he likes. Instead of being her toilet he will be her bath mat while she uses the porcelain toilet instead. Kandy has a busy day ahead for her slave and says if he works hard maybe he’ll get to taste her nectar lately….


Clubstiletto – Don’t Fail Your Princess – Princess Lily 

Summer is coming and behind the Club Stiletto compound is a massive forest with trails that run for miles which Lily wants to enjoy on her pony slave. That means daily training. She leads him around the room on her leash before getting on his back for a few trips from the living room to the grand room and back again. Next the Princess decides to increase his durability and balance by getting on his shoulders so he can carry…


Clubstiletto – Pony I’m Touching Myself – Mistress Kandy 

Mistress Kandy continues her day in the forest with her pony. She comments how rugged the ground is with rocks, branches and thistles all over the forest floor and how glad she is she doesn’t have to walk on it with no regard to the slaves pony parts that are feeling it all. She directs him to a big log and tells him that will be his turning point. “This will make a real man, I mean horse of you”…


Clubstiletto – Let’s See If You Can Get Me Into The Bedroom – Princess Lily 

Sweet Princess Lily has made it a day of suffering for her slave. His mouth is secured open by a gag and he’s been wearing nipple clamps for hours. She tells him she’s going to up the ante by making him give her a shoulder ride. He’ll prove himself to be a strong pony for her, and if she’s pleased, she might even take him up to the bedroom. She gives you a perfect view of her perfect ass before…


Clubstiletto – Hours In The Wilderness – Mistress Kandy 

Mistress Kandy is out in the woods her favorite place, “Especially when I don’t have to do any of the walking” she says. She directs the pony through the trails and up a hill before sending him back to a special place she knows not far away. Eventually they come into an opening where there are structures and benches but they encounter a local trekking the trails so Kandy decides to turn the pony back for fear of terrifying the…

Riding, Strap-on

Clubdom – Ginary Ass Fucks Her New Bitch 

Mistress Ginary commands her new bitch to pull her chariot around the field at the ClubDom Compound, all while one of her old slaves is being pulled behind the chariot. Ginary orders her new bitch to stop and then puts him into position to take her big cock in his ass, all while her old slave can only watch. Ginary cruelly puts wooden clamps on her new slave’s tongue, preventing him from speaking, then pounds his ass into submission, adding…


Clubstiletto – We Might Be Out Here For hours 

Sexy young Raevyn Rose is out in the woods with her dumb beast when she feels the need for a long ride. “We might be out here for hours,” she tells him. She directs him to move through the trails with a bit of speed, as well as the hills, before she sends him to an area Jasmine has suggested she check out. When they arrive, Raevyn is delighted to see an actual pony playground. She directs her beast to…


BossGirls – The Old Horse Will Be Ridden 

Riding Mistresses Amy and Zora want to ride on this old horse today. The human pony must be taught how to trot and how to carry riders around on his backs. They chase him around and give him harsh cracks of the whip! It hisses through the air as it hits him hard, blow after blow. Then Mistress Amy sits down on him in her tight jeans. Mistress Zora drives him with the crop! Let’s go!

Riding, Slapping

Clubdom – Punished for Speaking by Lady Karma 

It is a beautiful day on the slave farm, so Lady Karma decides to go for a ride on the pony cart. After going around the grounds a few times, she decides to give her pony cart pulling slave a break. She allows her slave the honor of worshipping her long thigh high boots. He kisses, licks and sucks on her heel. Her stupid slave loves it so much that he can’t shut up about how much he enjoys it….

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