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Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Pay Pig Mantra – Alexandra Snow 

I want you to always be on the path of improvement. So far, you’ve been an alright slave. But I feel like you’re coasting. You’re a very mid-level pet. There are lots of ways you could improve. But since I cannot be with you every day to train you, I’ve prepared this video for you. You’re going to use this video as your daily mantra. Each day you’re going to go over your prayers and each day you’re going to…

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

EvolvedFightsLesbianEdition – Charlotte Sartre, Vanessa Vega 

This Match is one of the greatest sex fights of all time to date. Charlotte Sarte has had a great run on both our lesbian wrestling and our mixed wrestling sites. She has turned into a bonafide bad ass. Vanessa Vega hasn’t had the best of luck at all but today we see something really incredible. This match is even for the girls for their size and strength but where one girl shines is the heart they show. One wrestler…

BDSM, Fighting

EvolvedFights – Lily Lane, Oliver Davis 

Lily LIghtspeed is back to try to take on the undefeated Oliver Davis. Everyone is tired of seeing Oliver win and Lily is no exception. She wants to take this fool down and her strategy is to tire him out and pounce on him for round 3 where she can drain his balls. Lily does get Oliver tired. He’s sweating and gassing out and it she is laughing at him the entire time. Round 3 is Lily’s chance to make…


EvolvedFights – AJ Fresh, Rebecca Vanguard 

Please give a warm welcome to Mr AJ Fresh. He stands 5’8 135lbs so he’s not the biggest guy on our roster, by far. He’s not even the biggest wrestler in this match. Rebecca Vanguard stands 2 inches taller and she thinks her size is going to be in her favor today. Rebecca is able to get on top but AJ is able to reverse her and put her in humiliating, outstanding holds. This round goes all 3 rounds and…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Stroke To Cope – Alexandra Snow 

How often have you been masturbating lately? I have a feeling you’ve been jerking off quite frequently during this stressful time. Masturbation is often a go-to coping mechanism. A way for your brain to hit the dopamine button over and over again with great ease. That’s alright. Today we’re going to do a bit more coping. You’re going to take out your cock and jerk for me. But not just for me. You’re going to jerk for your sanity.

BDSM, Fighting

EvolvedFights – Andre Shakti, Marcelo 

Okay, so Marcelo is tired of losing! We see this subby dude evolve today. He is able to sweep and reverse this bad ass female, Andre Shakti quite a few times and give her a big run for her money. Andre comes to us with a ton of session wrestling experience. She trains in her spare time and she hopes to be an Evolve Fights champion someday. Marcelo has called her out which is somewhat of a slap in the…

Female Domination

Lady Milana: Nippletorture For My Footfreaks 

Its time again to feed my divine footdust to my craving footfreaks. The old one just told me he is already addicted to my delicious footskin. I attach two clamps on his old nipples for some electro stimulation. He behaves a little rude and big mouthed, trying to tell me what I need to do, so I show him WHO is in charge here! After that I pay more attention to my new footfreak. While I roast the old nipples,…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Stealing Your Wife with Revel Belle 

Featuring Dr Revel Belle! ((a)DrRevelBelle on Twitter) You’ve been married for a few years now. You snagged yourself a nice, hot, youthful bride. Things have been going great, haven’t they? Well, except for in the bedroom. You’ve noticed her disinterest in your tiny cock as time went by. She’s been less and less willing to fuck you at all. Especially after she met her new friend Snow. Now you know why. You see, they’ve been in a lesbian relationship now,…


NyxonsBondageFiles – Nahla Not Goddess Like 

Dominatrix Nahla is angry with her session client for being 2 hours late, and when he finally arrives, she berates him for not completing his weekly tasks. After about 5 minutes of being relentlessly verbally humiliated by her, he comes at her knocking her onto the couch. The next scene has Nahla stripped of her boots & tied tightly on the couch. Nahla continues to angrily yell at him as he comes towards her nylon covered feet & she demands…


Shinybound – Trip Six.. Hogtied in Pink.. Live at Fetishcon 

Trip Six and I at Fetishcon performing a live hogtie for a whole convention of onlookers. Trip Six told me after the fact that humiliation is her biggest fetish, and that being tied up and helpless in front of that huge room full of people really made her wet.. I was tying her and then watching her squirm around in that sexy pink spandex and I gotta say, I was getting pretty turned on too. The way that crotch rope…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Icing for My Birthday Cake – Alexandra Snow 

Birthday surprise #1! I’m giving you several opportunities to serve me for my birthday: with your cum and humiliation, your ardent worship, or with your wallet. This is the foremost, and it’s an extra-special assignment of enthusiastic and humiliating cum eating with a celebratory twist. There will be no shirking of the cum guzzling this time, you will show me your adoration by decorating and consuming that boy batter. Happy birthday to me! (Additional cash tributes should be sent as…

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