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Kink – Tormented Slut in Steel Bondage 

Vanna Bardot has figured out that she loves pain, especially to suffer by the hands of The Pope. She is a slut that knows exactly what she wants and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. There are days when the bondage is used to restrain sluts during the suffering torment, and other times the bondage is the suffering. Today Vanna is going to be restrained with the intent to make her suffer as much as possible…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Pink Bikini Humiliation – Alexandra Snow 

I know your secret. You like to wear cute little pink bikinis. You’re actually really terrible at keeping your secret. You sent me so many pictures of you in your little outfits. How do you fit your balls in that bikini? Oh well, looking at the pictures, it looks like you can’t. You just let it all hang out and pray no one in your real life sees you. I think it’s hilarious. What won’t you do to debase yourself?…


Kink – Jane Wilde: Giving Up The Ass 

Jane has been flirting with her neighbor behind her boyfriend’s back. She is planning a big backyard show to let him see everything but her boyfriend Quinton has other plans. He noticed that she’s been distracted lately so when she leaves her phone on the counter he can’t help but take a look. He finds out that she has been flirting heavily with the neighbor George and that he has plans to fuck her ass in the backyard next to…

Female Domination, Foot Jobs

Cock In Crystaltube – Lady Kara 

Lay down! Spread your legs and watch how your Mistress suck your cock till last drop… Be a good and I promise that I try to don`t rip your dick when I play with you… At the beginning I`ll give you to feel my hands on your cock. Remember that feeling because it isn`t for you… you deserved only for vacuum tube… We`ll see how long you can stay like that, looking on your Lady and her beautiful feet on…


Kink – Proving Her Worth: Luna Lovely 

Every once in a while we get a model who talks the talk, and can walk the walk. These moments are sporadic, but when we have one, we take full advantage. Luna Lovely is one of those models, and The Pope finally gets his hands on her for Hogtied. The first position is to get to know her, and have her body readily available for him to test every part of her. The initial touch puts a smile across Luna’s…

Female Domination

Inspection Time for Lady Sara Borgia’s Chastity Sissy Maids 

It’s inspection time for Mistress’s sissy maids, time to see if they please tthire Mistress. First up is head maid Daisy who isn’t wearing her shoes because of her bad feet… No excuse. Next is sissy Shirley who hasn’t put on all her make up. And finally is sissy Lisa Mistress’s newest maid hasn’t yet learnt the proper way Mistress likes Her slaves to stand. All these sissies are patent and not worthy of being released from their chastity devises….

Foot Worship, Shoe & Boots

AmericanMeanGirls – Lick My Sweaty Ball Busting Feet 

I had just got done filming some ball busting content, THREE different losers and FIVE different clips. Thats like an hour of ball busting, not counting the ball kicks I took in between to stay warmed up and flexible. So you can only imagine how sweaty my feet were in those boots, not even wearing socks! (That’s pretty sweaty LOL) Its funny cause like as a slave, you would think it would complain about licking feet that had been so…


Kink – Fresh Meat: Lumi Ray 

Device bondage is an experience all it’s own in the BDSM world. It can’t easily be explained unless one has been subjected to this type of bondage. The steel is a different animal from rope, and has to be respected as such in order to make it through the day. With that said, it shows us a lot about our newest addition, Lumi Ray, and her tenacity as a human. She begins on her knees with her arms pulled into…


EvolvedFights – Justa Nicecock, Nadia White 

Nadia White has been waiting a long time to get back on the mixed wrestling mats to kick male ass. Justa Nicecock has been a fan of the site for a while and he thought he would call Nadia out because he thought he could take her. This match is a one sided squash. One of these sexual gladiators is just too much for their opponent. There is submission after submission and so many sexual penalty rounds that it’s embarrassing….


Kink – Victoria Voxxx: Brutal Bondage 

Victoria Voxxx thrives when she suffers at the hands of The Pope. She feels powerful as she submits to him. Her day begins with her on the floor, one leg is pulled up and the other is tied to her body to keep it out of the way. Her hands are tied behind her back and to the post she is tethered to. Her pussy is exposed, as are her sensitive soles. The Pope has sadistic plans for both areas….


Break And Enter Wpc Blair Blows It – Mistress Goldie 

WPC Blair comes to a possible break in finding the door open and no one around she investigates when suddenly the masked intruder comes up and KO’s Her, She awakes bound and gagged trying to struggle against Her binds, The masked intruder come back groping and exposing WPC Blair’s breasts then KO’ing Her again He blind folds and gropes the out WPC Blair as She struggles awake disorientated Her comes back with Her truncheon under Her chin threatening Her to…

Female Domination

Three Sissy Maids in Service to Lady Sara Borgia 

Lady Sara is at home relaxing in Her sexy pink pyjamas with Her three sissy maids waiting on Her every whim. Maid Daisy has the privilege of being beneath Lady Sara’s perfect feet being used as Her footstool. Lady Sara command Her sissy Shirley to dust Her windowsills but to make it more fun for Mistress Shirley is gagged with the duster strapped tightly to her face but she must still do a good job for her Mistress. Finally Maid…


Kink – Foxxxy Slut is Tormented in Device Bondage 

Ana begins her day in a confined wooden frame with her head locked into a neck stock. The Pope begins to fuck with her head form the very start and Ana knows that this will only get worse. Eventually she is blindfolded and suddenly everything changes. The fear sets in as he toys with her and Ana can’t tell where he is. The zapper makes for a sadistic toy to up the ante on her suffering and mind games. Next…


Kink – Charlie Gets Taught A Lesson 

Tommy Pistol has had enough of his wife Charlie constantly nagging him and emasculating him in front of his friends. When Charlie is trying to seduce one of Tommy’s friends in the kitchen he finally snaps. Tommy takes Charlie down, ties her up to the pool table and punishes her for being such a bad wife. Flogging her, and zapping her repeatedly while flipping her around and using her mouth and pussy to his satisfaction. Charlie now seeming to have…

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