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Female Domination, Scissorhold

Brutal Beauties Hd: “Savannah Shuts His Mouth” 

Savannah put on the handwear covers as well as Mark started running his mouth. This wound up not being a very wise step. Savannah continues to beat his ass and placed his lights out a few times with her effective thighs. Savannah shows that no matter what type of video you desire her to do … she will gladly do it. She may not look effective however this attractive elegance can ruin a guy.

Female Domination, Scissorhold

Constance`s Pantyhose Scissoring 

Live Session: Constance worn a bra and also black pantyhose, chooses to offer Jake a much more severe session. She offers Jake countless tough scissorholds and also naturally her big ass surrounds his face. Constance loves when her session clients lose to her effective upper legs as well as mighty ass. She completed him off with a stinkface.

Female Domination, Scissorhold

Clubstiletto – What’s your day been like? – Lady Bellatrix 

Lady Bellatrix walks into the bedroom to locate her servant right where she left him, with a boot wedged in his mouth. She checks for teeth marks as well as when she’s pleased that he really did not screw up her good boots, she tells him all about her exercise as well as exactly how hot her personal fitness instructor is. “I’m mosting likely to try to fuck him next time,” she says. She tells the slave that what she’s…

Female Domination, Scissorhold

Smothering & Scissoring The Piggy 

Mistrix, Maxine Payne, along with Mistress Kayla have a significant amount of pleasure in this clip since they take turns displaying their thighs that are powerful setting scissor stays on their servant. The ladies laugh and also make fun of these piggy. Next every woman takes turns with their gorgeous assets. This inadequate piggy surely did not understand what hit him.

Female Domination, Fighting, Scissorhold

Introducing Scarlet Vice 

A pure and instant addiction wrestles here for the first time — smoking hot 18-year-old Scarlet Vice, who played soccer for seven years and here gets proficient at applying submission holds at a lighting pace. The stunning young girl has him deep in a rear naked choke early, flashing a pearl-white smile as her arms flex around his neck. She pours the power on her straight headscissors as Thin Man suffers. A brutal figure four headscissors. her body looks poured…

Female Domination, Scissorhold

SVDL-1090 21 Minutes of SCISSOR HELL! FM 

Once again, muscle babe Alexis Rain proves that POWERFUL SCISSORS can come in ‘small’ packages as she demonstrates her TRUE KNOCKOUT POWER in this video (members area video clip with red border)! After showing her latest victim a few pictures of Alexis and seeing the muscles in her thighs (and everywhere else!) he had some serious concerns so we assured him he would only have to do half the video and Drew would take the punishment for the second half….

Female Domination, Fighting, Scissorhold

Jacky Joy – In-Home Scissor Physical! FM 

Although her name was already familiar to us from a few videos she’s done ‘here and there’ we would have never suspected that adult entertainer, Jacky Joy, had the kind of dominant side to her personality that she displayed in her debut ScissorVixen video! But when her victim in this video told me how she totally destroyed him with her athletic and VERY STRONG thighs in a previous video?we were very impressed! Jacky Joy is an avid runner and we…


Romanov Studios – Slave Tryouts 

Another New York fan came to visit Milah, Craving her smothers and the need to be choked by her powerhouse thighs Milah puts his endurance to the test. She laughs and mocks his taps, not letting up even when he gives the safety signal. Milah revels in the sound of this wanna be slave’s coughs and gasps for air, reminding him that this is a pass/fail test and he wasn’t impressing her thus far. The now worn down fan starts…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Scissorhold

Lana Luxor – Suffer from These Strong Thighs 

Lana is a very strong woman, but she is always conditioning her body to build even more strength. That is why she regularly uses her male slaves as sparring opponents. Lana knees her slave in the balls to goad him into a fight with her. After dropping him with the single kick to the testicles, she throws him onto the bed and places him into a lock between her strong thighs. She throws him into lock after lock as he…

Female Domination, Fighting, Scissorhold

I’m Bigger, Better and Stronger than you! 

Taking the session world by storm is Mistress Nadia, and that is for good reason. She’s strikingly beautiful, massively muscled, super athletic, incredibly powerful, sweet as sugar, yet utterly dominant! She debuts for fans of Utopia in “I’m Bigger, Better and Stronger than You!” Nadia checked in for our shoot at an impressive 5’8″ & 170lbs., with 16″ biceps, 27.5″ thighs, and 16.5″ calves. Side note: a measuring and lift & carry clip is from Utopia soon. Nadia is in…

Female Domination, Fighting, Scissorhold

Hazel Vs Dante – Pro Style Wrestling 

Hazel is challenged by Dante. He thinks he can overpower her, so they begin their lock up and Dante soon finds out that Hazel knows her pro wrestling holds. Dante is quickly put in multiple wrestling holds with no way out. Hazel seems to just love trash talking and humiliate Dante, and gets dominated from the start till the end where he’s left in agony.

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Scissorhold

BratPrincess2 – Facesitting Scissorhold Private Master Class 

Alexa And Amadahy – Facesitting Scissorhold Private Master Class Amadahy teaches a private master class in scissoring and facesitting technique to Alexa. Alexa has recently discovered her interest in ass smothering one of the slaves. Amadahy completely understands. Having a perfect butt herself, she knows how enjoyable it is to completely seal a slaves airway inside it. Amadahy demonstrates the face sit with a tight seal around the slaves mouth and nose. She then moves on to showing Alexa how…

Female Domination, Scissorhold

Clubstiletto – Between the Legs of his Muscle Goddess 

“I think I’m going to work out my legs first” Miss Judy says as the camera scans to show her slave scissored between her iron strong legs. She takes his breath away and then lets him breath as she alternates between squeezing and relaxing her legs. She is using him as nothing more than gym equipment, his discomfort only of slight amusement to her. The slave brings up his arms to escape but they only fall to his side as…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Scissorhold

Becky – Bubble Butt Blonde Smothers And Scissors Her Slave 

Goddess Becky has the most amazing bubble butt! She sits directly on the slave’s face and uses him as a chair while on her cellphone. She happily texts away as the slave struggles to breathe. Pretty girls love human furniture! Becky smiles and bounces. This is the only way a loser could be involved in a pretty girl’s life, as her chair. Just to make him suffer, Becky puts the slave into a scissorhold. She squeezes its neck between her…

Breast Smother, Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Scissorhold

BratPrincess – Karma – Strong Scissorhold Puts Ass Addict Under 

Lady Karma scissors her slave’s neck between her powerful thighs. The slave suffers greatly. Karma does not care. She scissors his neck until he goes limp. Karma sits on his face. He is buried underneath her ass. The slave is completely smothered underneath her. He struggles for breath and Karma’s indifferent. Karma keeps at it until the slave’s vision goes black.

Cuckolding, Oral & Asslicking, Scissorhold

SubbyHubby – Lets Play A Game – Jamie Valentine 

When Cameron and James meet the super hot Jamie Valentine at a pool hall and get invited back to her place to play a game, they think they have gotten lucky. But what they do not realize is that Jamie is a Dominatrix, and the game she will be playing is Tops and bottoms! Cameron is the unlucky bottom, having to watch his friend James fuck Jamie as a pathetic cuckold, then eat James’s cum off her breasts. While James…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Fighting, Scissorhold

TheVenusGirls – Jenna Ivory, Slave Fluffy, Jason Katana 

That’s a good little ass licker.. Jenna puts every new husband through a rigorous training program. She wants her new hubby to understand his husbandly duties, which include paying for her, keeping her in tip-top shape, and of course eating her ass and pussy daily making sure she gets multiple orgasms every hour of the day. To begin the day she strengthens her legs by putting one of her ex-husbands into multiple scissorholds.

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