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Female Domination, Smoking

So Many Ashtrays – Mistress Tess, Mistress Kennya 

Mistress Tess and Mistress Kennya have three human ashtrays to hand, three slaves to degrade and reduce to nothing but amusing functional objects for Their enjoyment and ridicule. The uninitiated might think that being a human ashtray is easy, all you have to do is open your mouth and swallow a little bit of ash, right? Wrong. It wouldn’t be any fun, for the Ladies if it was that easy. So, that means one ashtray needs to be restrained by…

Female Domination, Smoking

Ruby Onyx: Teasing My Caged Ashtray! 

Time to kick back on my throne for a nice relaxing smoke! Laying at my feet I have my very own personal human ashtray! All locked up and ready to gobble up all my filthy ash! I take pleasure in teasing his little useless locked up cock with my heels whilst blowing smoke in his face! Sitting on his cage only intensifies the teasing whilst I enjoy turning his tongue black!

Female Domination, Smoking

MissSuzannaMaxwell: Cigarette Servitude 

In this clip I teach you what I expect from My slaves and how I will train you to be the perfect ashtray. Not only will you learn to take all My smoke, ash and spit. you will learn to love it, crave it and desire it. The prospect of being used in this way will excite you like never before. Being so close to Me, My breath on your face, My voice in your ear and receiving straight from…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination, Smoking

YoungGoddessKim: Shiny Dark Servitude 

You couldn’t resist My temptation and now you’re on your knees begging to be used. I’m relaxing in the garden, My all black PVC outfit and boots are so shiny in the sunlight. The touch, the sound is so mesmerizing. All you are to Me is My smoke slave, you are to always be of service whenever I light up. Anticipate every moment I require your mouth hole to dispose of My ash. Worship your shiny dark Goddess, My sacred…

Female Domination, Smoking

Clubstiletto – How he Amuses Me – Ms Sinstress 

Ms Sinstress is enjoying a nice summer day by the pool. Her slave is her foot stool and ashtray. She blows smoke in has face, dashes her cigarette in his mouth and then spits on his tongue so she can butt it out in his mouth. To really amuse herself she sends him into the pool to see how long he can hold his breath under the water before she calls him back out to kiss and worship her shoes…

Female Domination, Smoking

DominatrixAnnabelle – An Li’s Ass Emporium: Cigarette Sucker 

Open wide! I’ve got a tasty morsel for you today: my cigarette butt and ashes! And you’re going to keep that filthy mouth open so you can catch it all. It’ll be filthier once I’m done with you… Dressed in all leather and smoking a cig with my leather gloves on – all the better to captivate your senses. Watch my smoke billow around you…and you better not cough. If you do cough, I’ll be sure to put my gloved…

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