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Female Domination, Smoking

Sin Sisters – Stable boy turned into ashtray 

Mistresses Melisande Sin and Goddess Liara Sin enjoy a cigarette break while using one of their stable slaves as Their human ashtray. This pathetic slave gets on his knees before Mistresses Melisande and Goddess Liara and light up Their cigarette. Both the Ladies start to use his mouth as Their ashtray, flicking Their ash into it and spit on his mouth. Once they are done with the cigarette, the Ladies stub their lit cigarettes out directly on Their slaves tongue.

Female Domination, Smoking

QueensOfKink – Fetish Liza – Ignored Office Ashtray 

I am on the phone with my female friend, smoking and totally ignoring my office slave. He is only there for one purpose: to be my HUMAN ASHTRAY and to catch all the SPIT and hot ashes I deposit in to his mouth. Whilst I smoke and use his tongue and mouth, I keep talking on the phone, explaining to my friend what I am doing…the slave has to stay focussed and swallow my cigarette ash.

Female Domination, Smoking

Boot Heel Worship CBT Humiliation – Lady Katharina – Just A Dirty Human Ashtray 

Lady Katharina is sitting there giving her slave no attention while chatting with a friend via SMS. She ordered her devoted slave to kneel at her feet till she has something to do for him. Lady Katharina throws a cigarette box on the floor and commands her slave to give her a cigarette and to light it. Then she commands him to lie down on the cold floor beside the chair she is sitting on. Lady Katharina is looking so…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination, Smoking

Elis Euryale – Chained and Ballbusted 

Euryale’s sub has been chained in the dungeon – his wrists and his balls are tied up, at the mercy of his Mistress. Wearing her shiny thigh high boots, Euryale gives him an intense session of ballbusting, kicking him non stop, until he cries and begs for mercy… She also lights a cigarette, enjoying the pleasure of smoking and busting his balls, and burning them slowly from time to time… And he will go all the way for her, broken…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination, Smoking

Elis Euryale – Special care – his cock her ashtray 

At Vermilion Clinic, different treatments are administered to patients depending on their medical issues. This patient is getting a very special care, based on the sadistic pleasure that Nurse Elis Euryale takes while smoking a cigarette. She turns his cock – and his mouth – into her ashtray, covering every inch of it with ashes, burning his useless organ until it becomes difficult to recognize it. Needless to say, his desperate crying is part of the procedure…

Female Domination, Smoking

Elis Euryale – Burning Treatment for a Patient in Brace 

A cigarette in her gloved hands, Nurse Euryale casually grabs the most sensitive parts of her patient’s body, tied up on the medical bed, to expose-fantasy them. It turns out that his testicles are as efficient as his mouth when it comes to be used as ashtrays. Exploring his body, the nurse chooses to slowly burn his nipples while he is told to look at her in the eyes. His frightened face brings a smile on Euryale, and soon his…

Female Domination, Smoking

Elis Euryale – Leather and Cigarette Burn in Bondage 

Holding her cigarette in her leather gloved hand, Elis Euryale sensually blows the smoke into her sub’s face. He is tied up and both excited and scared to find out what his Mistress is about to do to his body. His nipples first will taste the heat of the cigarette, quickly followed by his cock and balls – tightly squeezed inside the opera gloves. That’s the right time to find out about how fragile the skin of his scrotum is……

Female Domination, Smoking


It’s time for a cigarette break for Nurse Euryale, a necessity during long shifts at the clinic of Villa Vermilion. Driven by her sadistic impulses, she uses one of her patients in orthopedic braces as an ashtray. On his knees, hands tied up in his back, a face harness stretching his mouth and nose, he is just a convenient human ashtray next to her, that she can use as she pleases. After using his mouth, Euryale pulls on his foreskin…

Female Domination, Smoking

Swallow the ash and spit of Latex Goddess 

It’s dinner time for this slave of Madame Juliette and he seems to be very hungry. But today his dinner will be different and special. He will get to eat the ash and spit from Madame Juliette while She is smoking Her cigarette. It’s definitely a tasty treat for this slave. Such a lucky slave, isn’t he?

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