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Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – He’s a natural born Ass Kisser – Princess Lily 

This scene opens with sexy Princess Lily resting on the bed and the camera hovering over and around her gorgeous plump ass. The camera pulls back to reveal her slave kneeling nearby. She tells him to crawl over to the end of the bed to kiss her ass. “He’s a natural born ass kisser” she says as the slave lovingly kisses every inch of exposed flesh. She then tells him to lay on the bed. She sits on his face…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

BratPrincess2 – Amber, Ava And Lexi – Yoga Pants Smother Box Face Sit 

a href=””> Lexi is looking to buy a smother bench for the first time. Amber shows her all about the smother box at the Brat Princess house. She shows her the restraints and Ava shows her the pump. The pump pushes the slaves face higher and higher in their ass. Its so funny the higher he goes the less he can breathe. And he can’t move! LOL. The girls show her different positions to sit and how to work all…

Armpits, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – All those Beautiful sweaty Armpits 

We’ve put together over 10 minutes of video dedicated to those who love armpits. A sub should should adore every inch of a woman’s body so this clip is for everyone but we know there are some of you who will enjoy it even more and watch it again and again. The clip features Miss Raevyn, Miss Jasmine, Princess Skylar, Mistress Irene, Goddess Jewels, Miss Olivia and Mistress Kandy. Would you prefer to be their party toilet or service them…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Slave Alchemy: Stage Three – Fire – Alexandra Snow 

Welcome to stage three of my Slave Alchemy series: Fire. It’s time to burn. In this stage, we endeavor to take all the unwanted matter and purify it with fire. In alchemy, this process is called calcination. Calcination is the process of heating and decomposing raw matter – or in other words, breaking down parts of ourselves that are in the way of our own happiness. Often, we’d rather be right or fulfill an idea of “perfection” than be genuinely…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – I know your Secret – Mistress Jasmine 

You’re waiting for Miss Jasmine as she walks into the living room wearing nothing but garter and stockings, panties and bra, and in stilettos. She recounts how you recently met at a vanilla event and she mentioned to someone else in your crowd that she was into showers. Now she has agreed to see your privately, and since she knows your secret she is going to train you to be her toilet. “You will come over from now on, pamper…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Submission – Alexandra Snow 

EPILEPSY WARNING: Flashing images/effects When you think about your fantasies, what happens? Do they come by in the fleeting moment? Do they stay with you throughout the day, lingering in the back of your mind? Do they hijack your brain so you can think of nothing else? You like to think you’re just a sexually driven guy but it’s much more than that. You’re not fulfilling your greatest need and so your fantasies become stronger and stronger. They interrupt your…

Female Domination, Riding

Clubstiletto – Pony or Ass kisser – Princess Lily 

Princess Lily has her slaves competing in the pool for her attention. She tells them that she really has to banish one of them so they had better do their best to please her because one of them will be walking the streets soon looking for another woman to own him. She tells them to start by worshipping her feet which are at the bottom of the pool. She places her feet on their heads and pushes them under. The…

Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking

Brutal-facesitting: Mistress Eva Andersen 

Nothing makes Eva Andersen happier than dominating a naughty guy on the couch. She decided to put on a sexy latex outfit while teasing a kinky dude. Horny Eva frced this guy to lick her delicious pussy while threatening him with a long whip. After that, she got on top of him and sat her pussy on his face so he can eat her out until she reaches an orgasm.

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