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Cruel Anette – Spitting punishment 

The slave is sitting on the chair, tied and naked. Anette and Nomi Melone gets their coffee and cigarettes, while chatting, planning his punishment. Anette descides on the disgusting spitting punishment, where they cough up gooey saliva and cover his entire face, head in it. Of course they spit some nasty stuff into his mouth too.

Female Domination, Slapping, Spitting

BeautifulGirls – Sensual Face Slapping With Spit 

N23_*** Face Slapping & Spit *** Sensual Face Slapping With Spit She’s training this slave to take some spit and face slapping with a smile.She reminds him as she sits on his chest slapping him and caressing him how much he enjoys it! As he should!!! Madame Teeze – Im Just Going To Keep Edging You Now that you’re all tied up and at my disposal. I will begin your disciplinary session.. I suspect you have been playing with yourself…

Female Domination, Spitting, Strap-on

Gang banging in the sun – Mistress Tess, Miss Roper, Goddess Nyx, Mistress Vi 

Mistress Tess, Miss Roper, Goddess Nyx, Mistress Vi, a holiday in the sun plus one butt slut can mean only one thing, it’s time for a gang bang in the sun! The Ladies show absolutely no mercy to the slave and rail him long and hard. They are relentless, taking him in every position they can until he’s a broken mess, collapsed on the floor he’s left to reflect on the reason he now has one well and truly used…

Female Domination, Slapping, Spitting

Mistress Gaia: Licking Baby Food From My Boots 

”You lead a male slave on a leash & on all 4s into the room. Being still leashed you bind his hands behind his back. Now he must him fetch a toy on his knees several times. If he was good with fetching the toy (which is very rarely) he gets a reward. You spit into his mouth & feed him 2 spoons of baby food. If he did a bad job he gets 10 face slaps & must lick…

Female Domination, Slapping, Spitting

Ava And Eve – Mean Girl Heel Cleaning And Humiliation 

The girls are bored, time to play with beta. They yell for him to come in the room. He must get on his knees. He can never be taller than the girls. Ava and Eve are so mean. They make fun of him and make him clean their heels with his mouth. I mean, look at him. That’s what he fucking deserves. Now he better suck the heel. He sucks it like he is sucking dick. He is used to…

Lezdom & Lesbian, Spitting

Lesbian Human-spittoon Slave-girl For Mistresses Sofi And Kira 

Two young dominant girls Kira and Sofi once again humiliate their slave girl using her as a human spittoon. At the beginning of the video, Mistress Sofi mocks her lesbian submissive by ordering her to open her mouth wide so that she spits in it. Then Mistress Kira enters the room and, seeing what her friend is doing, she also joins her. Now two young Princesses are filling the open mouth of a slave girl with their saliva. The bitchy…

Female Domination, Spitting

DirtyDommes – Double spitting domination 

The male slave is hanging nicely on the cross, ready to receive the holy spit of both Goddesses Miss Foxx and Fetish Liza. They have lots and lots of slimy, sticky spit for him and he will feel it all on his face, cheeks, lips and tongue. He is so blessed to receive all this gorgeous spit from two very dominant and erotic Ladies.

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