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Armpits, Female Domination

Goddess Rapture – Rapture’s Armpit & Ass Worship Treat 

Kris has some good friends. Out for his bachelor party, his friends have treated him to a private lap dance by the stunning Muscle Goddess Rapture. Slutted out in the tiniest of briefs, a crop top that exposes her massive tits, and a pair of knee high boots, she slowly begins to grind herself on him. Rubbing her tits on his face & her ass on his chest, it is clear that Kris is enjoying himself. She plants her perfect…

Armpits, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – My Armpits Deserve Some Attention – Raevyn Rose 

Miss Raevyn is one of the hottest new Dommes on the scene and at an early age she has discovered how she can control men with the snap of her fingers or a sideways glance. She tells you how she has put her slave through the grind today by trampling him, disciplining him and making him worship her feet. It’s all resulted in her working up quite a sweat and that means it’s time for her bitch to get up…

Armpits, Breast Smother

Clubstiletto – Pits and Spit for Junior – Miss Muscle 

Miss Muscle sits down after a long day of using and abusing her slaves. “I’ve worked up a sweat,” she says, as she calls her sweat-loving slave over to lick her clean. The pitiful creature lives like a common mutt and crawls in wearing a collar and leash, with the handle held in his mouth. Miss Muscle pulls his head into her crotch and orders him to sniff it. She tells him the essence of her lover should still be…


Clubstiletto – You Can’t Kiss M0mmy Only Lick Me – Mistress Kandy 

Enjoy this classic from 2017 all over again. Step-M0mmy lets Junior out of his cage to worship her nylon covered feet and legs. “I have a little treat for you today”, she tells him. She tells him she has been out spending his old man’s money and can only imagine what he would think if he saw his son here as her slave. She calls Junior up to her armpits because they are sweaty and she makes him lick them….


Clubstiletto – You And Him, My Armpit Lickers – Princess Lily 

This is a unique clip where Lily has two slaves, the one you see in the video and the other slave being you. True Dommes expect slaves to work side by side and to compete for the Mistress’s attention. The scene opens with Lily standing outside her prison, with her slave kneeling inside where he has been all night, in the cold and dark. She decides to let him out as she needs him in the bedroom. As the scene…


An Li – Armpit Slut 

It’s been so hot in Los Angeles lately – summertime of over 100 degrees and I’ve been sweating up a storm! Extra stinky and extra salty. Don’t you want to get in there and smell them, kiss them, and worship them? Good thing I have my slave boyfriend all tied up in bondage, ready to exploit his weakness. This is the closest he can get to me, with his arms restrained behind him in a leather armbinder and his legs…

Armpits, Face and Body Sitting Smothering

Clubstiletto – I Like To Sit On A Slaves Face – Raevyn Rose 

This scene opens with Miss Raevyn talking about how she does things in an untraditional way, like wearing bra, panties, garter and stockings to work out. and using a slaves face as her bike seat. As the camera pulls back we see her on the bike and a slave already kicking for air below her. Raevyn has such an amazing plump ass and it just wraps itself around the pathetic slaves head who despite his need to breath is in…

Armpits, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – He’s Dumb and Obedient – Raevyn Rose 

Miss Raevyn’s slave is dumb and obedient, just the way she likes them. The scene opens as she wakes up, her nose close enough to her armpits to alert her to the fact that she smells, having worked up a sweat earlier from beating her bitch. She lifts her arm up to give you a close up view of her pit. Mmm, it’s so close you could almost reach out for a taste! The camera swings around to show Raevyn’s…

Armpits, Legwear Worship & Smelling

Clubstiletto – Submissive Bitch – Miss XI 

Miss XI relaxes on the bed while she leisurely checks things out on her phone. Her slave lies on the floor beside her with his head locked in her toilet box. “I’ve been selling a lot of ballbusting clips, so we need to get your pain threshold up so you can help out with that,” she says to him. A muffled reply comes from the box. XI rises to her feet and kicks the box before she removes the lid,…

Armpits, Foot Worship

Clubstiletto – Shocking Slave Reveal – Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy 

Enjoy this classic from 2016. Mistress Kandy and Miss Jasmine have been sweating profusely under the hot lights during an all-day shoot. We rounded up two new slaves with similar interests; namely a scent fetish. These losers seem to get excited at the scent of a sweaty female body, and they are soon put to work on our pungent feet. In fact, Kandy expects these guys to commit to full body worship; no stinky unwashed sweaty body part should go…

Armpits, Female Domination, Foot Worship

Clubstiletto – Confused Slave Wants To Lick Her Everywhere 

Mistress Irene calls her slave over as she relaxes on her discipline bench. She tells him to sniff her shoe, and when he does, she laughs at him and says “You idiot, that’s my boyfriend’s shoe.” She has him remove it and asks “Do you really think I wear a size 12 shoe?” with no concern for the fact that his eyes are covered and he can’t see a thing. She tells him to suck on every toe, and as…

Armpits, Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Foot Worship

Clubstiletto – I’m In Charge Little Man – Worship My feet 

Mistress Irene towers over her little slave as she is 6’3″ in her stilettos. As it’s a super hot day she starts by making him lick her armpits. She then puts him in a headlock and throws him to the ground. “You are going to behave day or you will be hurt badly” she tells him. Worship my shoes she tells him and the pasty white bitch eagerly does as told, you can see the fear in his every move….

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