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Female Domination, Foot Worship

FemdomEmpire – Sissy Doormat – Isabelle Deltore 

Mistress Isabelle just loves her slave in pink and has decided he will be much better kept as a girl than a boy. The sissy is so eager to please and become the prissy little doormat that his Mistress desire. She unlocks her new sissy bitch out from his cage to give the attention that her bare naked soles deserve. First she demands her heels to be properly licked to show how much the sissy adores the lowest part of…

Female Domination, Foot Worship, Shoe & Boots


New clip with amazon girl Sharon. She is 6’1” (186 cm) tall and she has huge 12US feet. She makes foot slave to worship her feet and shoes. Her feet are not only huge, they are also very smelly. She did not wash her feet all day and came to the shooting after work. These are the smelliest feet, which we filmed. Look at her well worn ballet flats! They are terribly dirty inside and extremely stinky. When she takes…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

Anabelle Pync – Worship My Filthy Platform Wedges 

The beautiful and bratty Anabelle Pync makes a lowly slave lick her filthy platform wedges. She is very cruel to the slave as she uses its tongue to clean her shoes. Anabelle wants the slave to lick the insides and the outsides of her shoes. He must clean the sweat from the inside and the dirt from the outside. Anabelle forces the shoe into the slave’s mouth and makes him gag on it. Then, she wants her slave to massage…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

Mistress Gaia – Hogtied Foot Rest – Hd 

I would like a clip with you and your slave girl. Where you have a bratty and taunting attitude, not too strict. You sit on your couch and remove your sport shoes and are in your socks. The slave is on her knees with her hands cuffed behind her back, her feet and legs cuffed too, in front of the coach. She has a collar with a small leash and in the end of the leash, a weight You command…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

Stella Liberty: “Foot Worship” 

A new slave has been charged with becoming my foot slave. He must suck, lick, clean and worship every part of my hot and sexy feet. No area must go untouched by his mouth. Can he keep up with my desires? It is so hard to stay focused with my long legs out and my ass right in his face. But he won’t be released until every spot of both of my feet have been worshipped.

Female Domination, Foot Worship

FemdomEmpire – Enslaved Sissy Doormat – Mackenzie Moss 

Men just don’t understand what it means to be a woman wearing heels all day and wanting nothing more than to have their feet pampered upon arriving home. Mistress Mackenzie shows her sissy exactly how it feels to be a woman as she makes the bitch put on a pair and prance around like the slut he is. All sissies need to have their mouth filled as Mistress Mackenzie makes her bitch open wide for her sore feet to be…

Armpits, Female Domination, Foot Worship

Goddess Amber – My Stupid Doggy – Anal 

The moron showed Me his bag of toys, HUGE mistake. By the look on his face, he probably forgot that the big dildo was in there. Too bad, I already decided I was going to jam it up his ass. Or should I say virginass? Determined as I am, I would’nt stop untill it’s in. Pretty hard to hide I enjoy to see him suffer…. I don’t give a fuck about you whining and crying, that’s what you get slut…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

DatesGoneWrong – Mistress For Christmas 

Dacey Harlot Has done some spying and knows her husband has been cheating, so she has put a plan together which will teach her cheating husband a lesson for Christmas. When they begin opening gifts, Dacey insist that they begin with her gifts to him first. He opens up the gifts to find a collar in the first one, which makes him think she got him a pet. That is until he opens up his second gift to find Divorce…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

FemdomEmpire – Human Pedicure – Jill Kassidy 

Mistress Jill Kassidy is infuriated by her slave who failed to show up at the nail clinic and pay for her pedicure. He made her look like an idiot having to reach into her own wallet when he knows every Wednesday is set aside for her beauty treatment. Since he couldn’t pay with his own money she is going to make him pay with his mouth. Mistress Jill demands a pedicure to be made by his tongue to teach him…

Foot Worship, Sock worship and Sockjobs

Clubstiletto – Mistress Damazonia’s Dirty Night Part 2 

In part 1 of this scene (Mistress Damazonia’s Dirty Night) Mistress Damazonia had her slave worshiping her boots. In this clip you will see that she has now removed one boot so the slave gets the pleasure of actually sniffing, kissing, licking and sucking her foot and toes. She comments to the slave that she can feel how hot and sweaty they are as they have been in her boots all day. She has him remove the other boot and…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

FemmeFataleFilms – Boxed In – Super HD – Mistress Fox 

Mistress Fox`s slave has been securely held in a bondage head box all day, a day during which she filmed a number of sessions and got extremely hot and sweaty in her sexy latex and spike heeled shoes. When she finally got around to giving her boxed slave some attention, her feet were exceptionally wet, sweaty and pungent! She makes him kiss, lick and suck her perfect, yet potent feet and with his head held in position in the bondage…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

Clubstiletto – Tongue Job for Foot Bitch – Miss Jasmine 

Miss Jasmine jumps on the bed and brings her shoes up to show them to you. She says she loves them but after a night of dancing her feet are sore and need attended to. “That’s what slaves are for” she says and then calls her boi into the room. She has him kiss her exposed skin on her feet and then tells him to remove them. “I’m going to lay back and relax while you do your job she…

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