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My friend Master and I just got back from the dungeons. We were exactly in the “INTERROGATION ROOM” to extort information from an inmate on unclear facts happened last weekend. At a certain point a strange noise from next cell caught our attention. Prisoner number 111 managed to open his cell with a tool. It seems strange, hard to believe. This is the same amazement that my friend and I had when we saw the scene of this slave climbing the exit stairs hoping not to be discovered. But something in his crazy plan went wrong. No one can afford to escape from the dungeons of Femdom Castle in Rome. None of my slaves in detention can afford to shorten his term of confinement !! And this time a bitter price will be paid by this filthy worm. After we tied him to the hoist with a steel rope together with Master Marcus we begin to fill his face with strong slaps and we will stop only when his face will actually change!!! He will bitterly regret this insane act and very soon prisoner number 111 will be placed on the black list of the “INTERROGATION ROOM”. We are really curious to find out all the details of his insane plan … and of course we like to obtain this information with unorthodox methods that cannot be shown to anyone ….

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