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Sofie Reyez is lounging on the couch as her Dad comes in and sits next to her. Dad seems bothered that Mom is working late again. Sofie points out that Mom isn’t just working late. Mom is cheating on Dad and Sofie has seen the proof on her phone.

Dad is devastated and attempting to come to grips with the situation when Sofie begins pointedly rubbing her bare feet on Dad’s crotch. He initially tries to rebuff her but soon finds himself sucking on her toes and making his little girl giggle with light tickles.

Sofie continues to tease, rubbing her feet all over as Dad pulls his cock out. She begins expertly working his cock between her silky smooth soles. All the apprehension visibly fades from Dad’s face as he becomes more passionate towards her, kissing her body and exploring her most tender places with his fingers.

Flipping onto all fours, Sofie continues to stroke Dad’s cock with her feet. He’s edged relentlessly as she milks him tightly. The pace quickens until Dad erupts, groaning loudly at the sweet relief. The two agree to keep the incident a secret as well as Dad agreeing not to spill the beans about Mom’s indiscretions.

With Dad gone, Sofie calls Mom on the phone. She now tells her mother that Dad has been cheating. Again she asks that this information not be shared. Clearly deception is at hand.

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