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Female Domination, Foot Jobs

GoddessFootjobs – Piper Perri is Couple’s New Play Toy 

Piper Perri got herself in quite a predicament when she became a naughty couple’s new play toy. Although her mouth is taped shut and her wrists bound to her ankles with bondage tape, the pretty blonde still looks as cute as ever! See as the woman of the couple makes her wiggle her sexy little toes and spread her legs. Watch as she teases Piper with a vibe, rubbing her pussy through her panties while she asks her about her…

Female Domination, Foot Worship, Shoe & Boots

Dirty Feet doggy Treat – Young Goddess Kim 

I’m taking this slave bitch for a walk. Crawling behind My heavenly heels as I lead it on all fours at the end of My leash. My divine feet in these platform sandals, smooth legs and PVC dress all shining and leading it further into temptation… it doesn’t deserve the dirt on My soles, but today I’m feeling generous and I will allow it to sacrifice and be blessed with only the dirt on My shoes and feet as its…


CinchedandSecured – Sarah and Raven – Tape Tied and Tormneted 

Sarah and Raven have been making far too much noise in their hotel room for their neighbors liking, and since they have ignored his warnings, he has decided to take matters into his own hands. The two poor girls have been tightly bound in black tape, their mouths stuffed with huge wads of packing and their faces sealed by more of the sticky black stuff. Left to struggle, the ravishing redhead and the buxom brunette thrash all about the bed,…

Female Domination, Foot Jobs

Cock In Crystaltube – Lady Kara 

Lay down! Spread your legs and watch how your Mistress suck your cock till last drop… Be a good and I promise that I try to don`t rip your dick when I play with you… At the beginning I`ll give you to feel my hands on your cock. Remember that feeling because it isn`t for you… you deserved only for vacuum tube… We`ll see how long you can stay like that, looking on your Lady and her beautiful feet on…


RestrainedElegance – Paige Robbins – Paige in Prison 

Sexy blonde Paige, dressed in a prison uniform complete with heavy metal handcuffs, metal collar, and chains, flirts brazenly from her prison cell in an attempt to seduce you into letting her escape her bondage. Of course, it doesn’t work – she’s too gorgeous to be set free!


Whitney Self Sock Gags & HogCuffs Herself 

Miss Whitney Morgan absolutely LOVES the smell of her own feet – it’s even better when she’s been wearing THICK knee high socks under boots to a nightclub.. oooh think of the sweat and foot funk soaking up in those socks!! With one deep sniff on each socked foot – Whitney promptly shoves one in her mouth to GAG herself! Taping her mouth shut to keep it in. The TOE TYING herself, cuffing her ankles, and finishing off with a…


NyxonsBondageFiles – Bella Madisyn Taken & Strapped Tight 

The video begins with Bella regaining her wits & realizing that she’s wearing only her lingerie, and strapped to a chair with a harness gag in her mouth. Bella is both embarrassed & fearful, and struggles against her bonds. The second scene still has Bella in the same predicament, but she now has a harness gag in her mouth with a very large red ball.


NyxonsBondageFiles – Honey Strapped In Bondage 

Sexy Honey Dew is all strapped up while wearing a skimpy gold bikini, and she has a panel ballgag in her mouth. She struggles for a little bit on the couch, then eventually makes her way down to the floor, showing off her leather bindings & putting on a good show.


Sell More Wings or Cum – Fayth On Fire Fetish Films 

I am being punished for not doing my job. I haven’t met my quota on my wing sales and on top of that, I am out of uniform. Since my tips havent been good, I had to sell my hooters socks to make ends meet. I also am required to wear a push up bra and well, I refuse. So in return for not listening to the wardrobe requirements, I am being crucified. I try to talk my way out…


CinchedandSecured – Katana Gets The Christmas Spirit 

It’s Christmas time, and Katana is in a grumpy mood. She needs a massive infusion of Christmas cheer and fast! Fortunately, a visit from a mysterious, magical sprite appears, ready to help, whether Katana appreciates it or not! First, magically stripped naked, and then re-dressed in a VERY short little Christmas nightie! Then the sprite binds her tightly, making sure to do this by hand, as definitely requires attention to detail: like her big tits, shapely legs and thin wrists!…


NyxonsBondageFiles – Slyyy Neighborhood Hottie 

A new neighborhood hottie has just moved into the housing plan, and Slyyy has been spying on him through her living room window. She notices that he’s coming towards her house & quickly sits back down on the couch to play it cool. He knocks, she tells him to come in & he introduces himself (POV). After some quick chit chat he asks Slyyy if she’s aware of any swinger’s clubs in the area. Taken aback & a bit flustered,…


CinchedandSecured – Sybil’s Soft Sensual Session 

Occasionally, we like to show folks that bondage is not all rough and mean (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Bondage can have a soft, sensual, playful side, and this update demonstrates exactly how erotic it can be for two people to simply forge a connection through rope. You get to watch as Sybil Starr and I engage in a lengthy tying session, complete with breast bondage on those beautiful big boobs of hers. To say this is a…


RestrainedElegance – The Office Burglary 

“After hours work can be a dangerous thing.” Elizabeta was busy working at her desk, late as usual. She found she got so much more done when everyone else had gone home and she had the building to herself. She could take her jacker off, relax a bit. No more interruptions! Peace and quiet! Not another soul in the building… or was there? What was that noise? Security had said she was the last in, and Jim wouldn’t be doing…


CinchedandSecured – Unique’s Nude Bathroom Bondage 

What a nightmare! Bound and gagged, completely nude, in a hotel bathroom with no one to save you! Unique is certainly regretting the extra precautions she took to ensure no one got into her room. They did her no good, and now, they will simply ensure that no one will come to her rescue! Sitting fully nude on the commode, bound hand and foot, ball gagged, her legs spread about and ropes to an unyielding pole, she can’t do anything…

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