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CinchedandSecured – Nyxon Sets The Table 

Nyxon was looking forward to a very relaxing and romantic dinner with her new beau, a master chef with an incredible gift for creating the perfect ambience for any meal. She especially looked forward to the table settings, which were always beautiful and elegant. Today, however, she was surprised and more than a little disturbed when she learned that SHE was to serve as the centerpiece! Completely nude, bound in a frogtie and reverse prayer that completely eliminated any hope…


CinchedandSecured – Garnet Rose – The Chair 

Garnet was a true daddy’s girl, and now she prayed daddy would come to her rescue! The man who had her bound to the chair had no qualms about tying her in wildly uncomfortable positions, sparing no part of her tight little body, as long as it would get him what he wanted. Fused to the furniture, her arms bent back cruelly, her legs splayed wide open, her modesty barely preserved by the tiny panties she sported, she mewled and…


ShinyBound – Jolene Hexx.. Strict Swimsuit Hogtie 

Gorgeous LFC wrestler Jolene Hexx trades in her underwear as well as handwear covers for a sleek one piece bikini as well as an incredibly strict hogtie! Shiny gradually connections as well as arcs her on electronic camera. When helplessly bound as well as gagged with a face covering panel gag that is also cranked back, Jolene needs to switch to her yoga breathing to endure the painful tie that would make most designs panic and also tap out! Jolene…


ShinyBound – Real Bondage Escape Attempt 

Ziva Fey desires an actual bondage challenge. She wishes to see if she could actually run away a situation where she was connected as well as maintained versus her will. The deal is that I bind as well as gag her to the point that she can not run away your house nor call out for aid, however her feet are to continue to be untied. Obviously I will certainly assist her out. First I position a big sponge round…


Erika’s Seattle Adventure – Erika Kole, Lydia McLane 

John and Lydia have actually ultimately obtained an entire time off from Your home of Gord as well as decide to be tourists. They come upon a single computer system technology Erika Kole, that is participating in a software application conference in Seattle. Liking what she sees, Lydia makes a decision to attempt and get this hot little number tied up even if it is her day of rest. John agrees, yet are they in for greater than they can…


NyxonsBondageFiles – Paris Love Simple Hogtie In A Bikini 

Nyxon invited her close friend Paris over to fire some clips, and Paris was pretty let down when she discovered that she wouldn’t be obtaining tied up. Not intending to dissatisfy a rather design, Nyxon tells her to put on her favorite swimwear. After that, Nyxon connections her in a tight hogtie (off display) & & positions a mouth filling up ballgag right into her mouth (also off screen) & & informs her to battle.


ShinyBound – Nadia White.. Hung By Her Pussy and Vibed 

Sexy Nadia White gets hung in limited hemp rope and also vibed until she comes hard! Worn just satin panties, she is boxtied and after that lifted by the winch up onto her toes, suspended by her pussy rope! It digs in deep and also theres no way to escape whats coming next. A huge ballgag is strapped right into her mouth and after that Shiny goes to town on her. Searching her large busts, spanking her snugly connected ass,…


ShinyBound – Cupcake Sinclair – Hangin Around 

Sexy Cupcake Sinclair hangs by her knees from the rack and is hogtied in position. A crotchrope is tightly connected around her waistline and also affixed to the far side to discourage any type of swinging or hefty battling. She hangs there ballgagged and powerless, looking for a way out of this perilous inverted situation!

Female Domination, Foot Worship

FootGoddessMia – When Goddess Mia Gets Angry – Part 1 

I can snap for a great deal of factors. It’s really up to you as well as your performance before me. If you stop working at any factor, I get extremely disappointed and upset. It can be because you didn’t clean my shoes right, since you chatted without authorization, since you did something that you should not have or essentially even if you are so undesirable to me. And you recognize what, this slut is every one of this. He…


CinchedandSecured – Sahrye vs Rachel – The Gag Contest Part 2 

Sahrye and also Rachel were spending a monotonous evening at home when they determined to spice things up with a little contest: That could take the most strict trick? Each woman is supremely confident in their capabilities, so they start with an easy self gagging. That is, it’s simple if you can pack a crazy quantity of socks in your mouth before sealing them in with vet cover and microfoam tape! After everything is crammed in good and also tightly,…


CinchedandSecured – Jana Stops Smoking 

Jana made a pledge to me that she didn’t maintain, and now she’s spending for it! After having vowed to quit smoking, I discovered her cigarette stockpile in the bathroom, therefore now, she’s tied to a chair, her mouth filled with a nice red round, a crotch rope sunk deeply right into her pussy, her feet tied together and misery plunging through every nerve in her body! She tries to refute that the smokes belong to her, so I take…


CinchedandSecured – Raven Eve – The Coup 

When loved by the populace of the little nation she led, Head of state Raven Eve is now embeded the center of a huge detraction of her very own production. Her pillaging of the country’s coffers have actually left her in disgrace, the target of a mob intent on seeing justice performed! She knows she needs to flee the nation yet with all borders as well as techniques of egress being closely kept an eye on, she is caught, and…


ShinyBound – Lydia Black.. Bound Until Broken 

A while ago I was approached to make a customized video clip for a man that wanted a girl tied down and also fiercely tickled non stop. The incentive was to pay the version by the min to see for how long she would certainly last prior to tapping out. I took care with who I picked for this obstacle because I wanted a tough woman that was also a life-styler as well as who I believed can take the…


CinchedandSecured – Jayda’s Gagged Back Talk Torment 

Jayda looks very wonderful, but she has an issue. She is a brat of the highest order. A fat ball trick stuffed in her mouth turns her constant whining right into an audio a little bit extra pleasurable to my ears, however in the meantime, she still needs a mindset modification. Binding her topless to a feces, her arm joints lashed with each other and her feet merged to the wooden supports is a wonderful beginning, however it doesn’t truly…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

Cruel Anette: Last Drop Of Jizz 

Girlfriend Anette’s main objective for today is to squeeze the servant as well as pump the last drop of jizz out of him. She can easily do it with her proficient hands, due to the fact that the minute she rested on the slave’s thighs in her black jumpsuit, he became so tough it hurt to consider. After his big orgasm Anette really did not neglect to abuse his delicate cock.

Female Domination, Foot Worship

NaughtyGirls – Cruel Anette: Nasty Foot Worship 

Anett is resting on the sofa, drinking on her yoghurt, her close friend next to her desires some as well. Anett does not offer him, because the cup is almost empty, yet she has an unpleasant concept. If he consumes it the way she wants, she gives him the extra. Her pal agrees, so Anette spits the yoghurt on her feet and also he needs to lick it from her barefoot.

Female Domination, Foot Worship

Mistress Lucy Khan: Femdom A Fan Part 3: Foot Worship 

After disrobing this stupid little young boy toy as well as making him prayer My underarms, I get him on the ground for among his pail listing things: submitting to My best feet. I make him cleanse all-time low of My boots, as well as when I lastly decide to eliminate them and expose My bare feet, I hang My toes just out of reach of his excited little tongue. I love making My followers benefit it! And the truly…

Female Domination, Giantess

Tinyfetishfun – Sapphire Blue 

The foot high muscled and toned activity guy remains in for a squashing time as he respects his significant, buxom, blonde Giantess. She towers above him and also he recognizes he has little control over what happens to him next as she steps closer as well as hovers her sharp, high heels straight over him intimidating to crush him – 4K, Activity Man, Blondes, Heels Crush, Foot Crush, Butt Crush

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