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Its been a week since the events of Deception. Sofie Reyez’s carefully constructed plan has come to fruition and her mother filed for divorce. Her father comes home to find Sofie in his bedroom. Stressed by recent events he tries to get her to leave. She brushes the attempt aside and begins to seduce him. Pulling him in for a kiss and then waking his libido by caressing his cock through his pants with her gentle feet.

Dad lays back and a stripped down Sofie works his cock between her feet. He moans aloud and she teases and pleases with her sexy soles. Dad asserts himself and positions her on all fours, spanking her bottom and probing her pussy with his fingers. He fucks her feet and then lets her milk them as he concentrates on exploring her folds. Soon she shakes in orgasm right as Dad shoots all over her feet.

Redressing themselves, Sofie continues to manipulate Dad into forcing Mom out of the house. She wants Daddy all to herself.

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