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Gabriela Lopez is on the phone with her mother. She’s pleading her case to go on a trip to Key West to no avail. Irritated, she hangs up right as her mother’s boyfriend enters the room. Gabriela knows he’s the only one who can convince her mother. Knowing his weakness for her feet she begins teasing him by rubbing her bare soles on his legs and chest.

Quickly succumbing to her charms, mom’s boyfriend begins licking her feet. He sucks on her toes and runs his tongue between them as she bares her breasts. His cock springs out of his pants and she begins pumping it tightly between her soft soles. Gabriela lays back on the couch and administers an expert footjob as he rubs her sweet pussy and tweaks her nipples.

Mom’s boyfriend has his cock worked by Gabriela’s feet from multiple positions. He then places her on her stomach and starts to fuck her feet faster and faster. Her moans fill the air as she rubs herself and his pace increases. Brought to the brink he finishes all over her feet, coating them in his seed.

Gabriela runs out the door with her suitcase as he’s still catching his breath. Off to Key West for her, explaining this is his problem.

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