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Nicole Grey is having a one-on-one meeting with her teacher. Unfortunately the young girl is failing her English class. He implores her to spend more time studying, but the desperate Latina asks if there is any other way to pass the course. The old pervy teacher has something in mind for sure. Nicole doesn’t understand why he asks her to remove her shoes. How can this possibly help improve her English grade? The teacher goes down on her small brown feet and you can see how much of a foot fetish he has. Nicole has beautiful feet and the teacher wants more. The educator whips out his cock and begins fucking her petite feet. The confused student finds the whole thing odd, but it certainly beats the other options of failing or studying. Teacher eagerly slides his boner between her slender feet until he spurts a white load onto her tanned feet. Nicole Grey now understands that bringing up the teacher regularly will also bring up her grades.

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