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Lexi Rainz can’t wait to show her father-in-law her new tattoo. She got a nice Family Forever inked onto her ankle to immortalize her relationship to his son, Jimmy. Her father-in-law sadly informs her that Jimmy doesn’t like tattoos on women. He even divorced his last wife over getting one. Lexi and her husband’s father hatch a plan to take care of it. She’ll cover it up until they can have it removed. Dad will even pay for it.

With that settled, Lexi notices her in-law seems to be rubbing her foot on his cock! She’s taken aback but agrees that since he’s helping her she can help him. Dad is soon licking her feet and sucking on her toes. Lexi begins milking his cock with her feet as her father-in-law rubs her tits through her shirt.

Old dad groans in approval as Lexi works his cock between her long, sexy feet. She moves through a few positions before the old man has had enough. He lets loose all over her feet and collapses back into the couch totally spent.

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