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Princess Emma Lux!

You’re falling deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. Humiliation porn is what you live for. And each new form of humiliation that you experience, makes you more obsessed with it. You need more and more deeper forms of humiliation in order to get off. It just builds and builds. If it doesn’t get more humiliating each time, you can’t get hard, you can’t cum. You need it to get worse. You need to go places that you thought you’d never go in order to get that pathetic cock going. You’re so fucked in the head. You know it’s true. That’s why you keep buying all of these humiliating clips. It just keeps getting more intense, doesn’t it? And you need a hot young brat like me to degrade and humiliate you in the worst ways. To let you know just how fucked up in the head you really are. You need to constantly be reminded of how worthless you are in order to keep that cock hard.

So today I’m going to make you do some really degrading things, more degrading than anything else you’ve tried before. You need this, you need to go deeper. But remember, once you do, you’ll need to go even deeper next time. Let’s start by locking up that pathetic, weak, horny cock of yours. Go on, put on a chastity device for me. Put that cock in a cage so you can’t touch it. I know this is already making you horny. Princess Emma telling you to lock up your pathetic cock, that’s just so hot, isn’t it? Yes, locking up your cock for a hot young brat is so fucking hot. God you’re so pathetic. Lock it up for me loser. But locking it up ins’t really that humiliating, is it? No, in fact, you kinda like it. So now it’s time to make this really degrading.

Go get a nice big dildo and shove it down your throat. I want you to fucking gag on it loser. Yea gag on that cock for me. And even though you can’t touch that cock, I’ll bet it’s rock hard. You’re so hard in your cage while you’re all alone in your room sucking on a dildo. You’re pathetic. Look at you, sucking on a dildo while you can’t even touch your cock. You must feel so stupid, yet you’re so hard. Your mind is so confused. You love being degraded. You need it to get your cock hard. It doesn’t work otherwise. I love degrading you like this because this is what you deserve. You’re a worthless chronic masturbating loser. You deserve this.

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