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Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

No one cares about you, now Worship My Feet – Mistress T 

Mistress T relaxes on the couch as she sticks her feet in your face. “You’re the lowest of the low and you’re at the lowest part of my body – my feet,” she says to you. She tells you your life is pointless and she knows this is the most exciting thing ever to happen to you. “I know you crave elegant, classy women. You jerk off to them, but no woman, classy or otherwise, would have anything to do…

Female Domination

Clubstiletto – I’m thinking of selling you to the Gay Biker Gang – Miss Madison 

Miss Madison is speaking to the slave through his cage door and sporting a massive strapon cock. She calls him out and makes him lick and suck the cock and she makes him admit he’s a fhag. She then tells him she is thinking of renting or selling him to the nearby gay bike gang and if doing so wants to make sure he is well prepared for cocks of all sizes especially the big ones. “You can rest assured…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

HumiliationPOV – Look In The Mirror And KNOW That No Woman Wants That 

Princess Emma Lux! You’re falling deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. Humiliation porn is what you live for. And each new form of humiliation that you experience, makes you more obsessed with it. You need more and more deeper forms of humiliation in order to get off. It just builds and builds. If it doesn’t get more humiliating each time, you can’t get hard, you can’t cum. You need it to get worse. You need to go places that…

CBT & Ballbusting

Goddess Zephy: Severe Cbt And Humiliation! 

This excellent, commissioned clip focuses on ball smacking, stretching, punching and squeezing with my beautiful hands–with face sitting and oral servitude of my sweet, divine pussy. A wonderful mix of pain and pleasure, with verbal-cucky-humiliation added in…slave kisses my feet and licks my pussy while I verbally flaunt my satisfying sex life and my stud’s larger manhood. My pussy, ass and smelly feet keep little loser hard, while I inflict cruelties to his plump balls with my fingers and hands….

Female Domination

SinSisters – Cuckoldress Prepare Herself For A Date 

Well Mistress is preparing yourself for Her date with a very handsome individual, while Her cuckold spouse gets on a rectal hook and watch Her prepare yourself. She satisfied the good-looking hunk on Her office and also She will certainly be making love with him. She looks so best for Her date. Whereas Her hubby is locked in chastity and being spit on as well as put. This is all he receives from Girlfriend.

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Laughingstock of the Office – Mistress T 

You’re so weak that a strong leading lady quickly turns you into putty, and right here you are now, staring helplessly at your employer’s ass as she talks on the phone. You’re almost immobilized till it’s far too late and also she turns around to catch you. “What the fuck are you doing?” she requires to recognize. T tells you she understands what you’re doing, as well as she could see right from the beginning that you were utterly weak…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – That’s all you are Good for – Mistress T 

You get on your knees prior to Mistress T, that torments you by not putting on anything to cover her pussy, as well as that sees how determined you are to be her servant. It entertains her. “You fucking item of schl1t. You recognize no woman would certainly ever have anything to do with you,” she claims with excellent ridicule. She informs you she would certainly never ever fuck you; not in a million years, as well as nor would…

Female Domination, Trampling

Clubstiletto – Used by the Hot Girl – Princess Sasha 

As this scene opens hot Princess Sasha is pumping iron and talking to you. “Just how sad are you, in the house alone snagging off to hot ladies like me, wishing one of us would truly humiliate you in reality, take notice of you” she states, putting down the weights and also walking over to her servant that is laying on the ground. “If I’m going to provide you interest there needs to be something in it for me” she…


Sensual Pain – Ghetto Hooker Domination | Abigail Dupree 

Abigail Dupree is tested to her extreme in this dominant ghetto woman of the street roleplay to degrade and weaken an individual, a follower that likes to offer her weird points to complete to further her servant training. This is a rapid paced Small Penis Embarrassment, SPH humiliation Jack Off Direction, JOI session that is quite verbally repulsive in many ways that he has actually never ever seen or heard in the past. This tower of power is armed with…

Female Domination, Strap-on

Clubstiletto – Make Me Proud, cucky – Mistress T 

Mistress T has a brand-new servant on his knees prior to her. She questions him to see whether he’ll fit her existing requirement for a severe cuckold. That means giving up his butt to her guy if she’s all fucked-out but he still desires much more. Absolutely nothing will certainly be off limits. In time, servicing her man won’t be enough as well as he’ll be bound to her fucking bench while he uses make-up and a wig and is…


SensualPain – Stalked Mistress Revenge | Abigail Dupree 

Girlfriend Dupree is being tracked by another orbiter, however gets revenge on the pathetic male passive twat that has been wasting her time by acquiring her pathetic little gifts. Girlfriend Dupree discovers where he lives, links him up and threatens him with her Huge black strap-on penis. I can dom, I can sub. Oh I intend to be your below Mistress. Please use me Mistress from behind a fucking computer system display because your fat hideous little bitch prick can…

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