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I have a date tonight, and since My chattel has been a good boy lately, I will allow him to be here, in My bedroom, while I will be enjoying another man’s cock. But maybe My chattel can contribute to My sexual arousal by just being here; collared, in chastity, hooded and blinded, listening to My moans of pleasure. I will lock him in the cage next to the bed, strapped so he will be facing the bed; he will have a “front row view” of the action. he will not be able to see anything, but he can hear everything and he will be close enough to even smell My orgasms. My toy-boy will please Me so well, in ways My cuckold will never be able to, but having him here, humiliating him sexually, makes Me wet, which is just as important for giving Me orgasms. And for his obedience and willingness to please Me in any way I want, I will reward My cuckold before I have sex: I will milk him. I will let him think about his stronger fantasies, maybe even imagine I’m sucking his dicklet, but his orgasm will be ruined, as usually, because that’s all a cuckold deserves, even as a reward. he should be grateful I gave him the pleasure of touching his cock, even if mostly with My feet.

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