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Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Pink Bikini Humiliation – Alexandra Snow 

I know your secret. You like to wear cute little pink bikinis. You’re actually really terrible at keeping your secret. You sent me so many pictures of you in your little outfits. How do you fit your balls in that bikini? Oh well, looking at the pictures, it looks like you can’t. You just let it all hang out and pray no one in your real life sees you. I think it’s hilarious. What won’t you do to debase yourself?…

Female Domination

Inspection Time for Lady Sara Borgia’s Chastity Sissy Maids 

It’s inspection time for Mistress’s sissy maids, time to see if they please tthire Mistress. First up is head maid Daisy who isn’t wearing her shoes because of her bad feet… No excuse. Next is sissy Shirley who hasn’t put on all her make up. And finally is sissy Lisa Mistress’s newest maid hasn’t yet learnt the proper way Mistress likes Her slaves to stand. All these sissies are patent and not worthy of being released from their chastity devises….

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Tranced Into Impotence – Alexandra Snow 

It’s time to relax and go down, pet. I know how much you value that piece of meat between your legs. I feel it sometimes gets in the way of true devotion to me. How can you work towards what’s best for me if you’re only thinking about what makes your cock feel good? We’re going to fix that now. With just a snap of my fingers, that dick of yours will turn into nothing more than a limp little…

Female Domination

Three Sissy Maids in Service to Lady Sara Borgia 

Lady Sara is at home relaxing in Her sexy pink pyjamas with Her three sissy maids waiting on Her every whim. Maid Daisy has the privilege of being beneath Lady Sara’s perfect feet being used as Her footstool. Lady Sara command Her sissy Shirley to dust Her windowsills but to make it more fun for Mistress Shirley is gagged with the duster strapped tightly to her face but she must still do a good job for her Mistress. Finally Maid…


The Spy – Fancy Steel 

A mysterious spy just recently tried to break into the Chastity Prison and was caught trying to steal some confidential files and inmate records. Who does she work for? And what is it that has driven her to attack such a dreaded institution? The strikingly beautiful criminal mastermind, clad in tight, shimmering latex, refused to tell us anything…. Cobie, a former inmate of the chastity prison, is now an agent trying to work against the organisation. Her gambit did not…


Kiki Isobel – Tomb Raider 

Kiki Isobel as Lara Croft is tipped off that the lost artefact of the gods is in Australia buried in a old mine, her attempts to take the artefact lead to her capture and Lara is enslaved and subjected to bondage, chastity, punishments, humiliation, hard labour, diaper play and much more.


School bullies 

School rumour has it one of the girls is wearing a chastity belt enforced by her parents. After bullying and humiliating her the girls are given a taste of there own medicine by the head master. Inspired by my recent trip to Japan and manga anime comics drawn by Mikoshiro Nagitoh.

Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking

DirtyDommes – Oral pleasure slave in chastity 

Mistresses Nomi and Nesty are such a tease! They have their male slave in chastity and now they are going to use him for their pleasure. Is this heaven and hell rolled in to one? He can feel his cage bulging as the two sexy Dommes sit on his face, smother him and covering him with their pussy juices. There is no release for him, he is used as their oral sex slave

Female Domination, Latex & Rubber, Strap-on

OublietteClip – Trained To Suck Cock – Mistress Sophia 

The stunning Sophia Sahara has a slave in her ball cage. Dressed in shiny black latex, Mistress tells the slave that he must get used to living his life in this cage, and to the inevitability of daily punishment. Using a paddle to torment his chaste cock, Mistress Sophia Sahara informs slave that today he will be learning how to suck cock. “I am going to encourage it down you” she chuckles, tormenting him in his cage! “You’ve got a…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Submissive Couple For Life – Alexandra Snow 

Have you two been enjoying the convention so far? I know this is your first fetish convention, but you two seem so eager. You practically skipped back to my hotel room with me when I offered to show you some private tricks. It’s not every day that I give away private lessons for free. But you two are just such a cute couple. I’ll show your wife how to tie you up, lock you in chastity, and maybe we’ll see…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

Chateau-Cuir – Leather fetish session stage 4 

He was allowed to worship my leathers, he has been smothered, teased, edged and tested…all the while he was in chastity and being at my service. Now I will finally milk his cock with my gloved hands. I control his orgasm and make his cock shoot a hige load of spunk that lands on my leather catsuit. As a good boy, he cleans it off.

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