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Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Submissive Couple For Life – Alexandra Snow 

Have you two been enjoying the convention so far? I know this is your first fetish convention, but you two seem so eager. You practically skipped back to my hotel room with me when I offered to show you some private tricks. It’s not every day that I give away private lessons for free. But you two are just such a cute couple. I’ll show your wife how to tie you up, lock you in chastity, and maybe we’ll see…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

Chateau-Cuir – Leather fetish session stage 4 

He was allowed to worship my leathers, he has been smothered, teased, edged and tested…all the while he was in chastity and being at my service. Now I will finally milk his cock with my gloved hands. I control his orgasm and make his cock shoot a hige load of spunk that lands on my leather catsuit. As a good boy, he cleans it off.

Female Domination, Strap-on

HouseOfSinn – A brutal fucking and a relaxing cigarette – Mistress Saida 

The elegantly beautiful Miss Saida keeps Her bitch in permanent chastity. The only pleasure this slut can experience is from a good hard sucking and fucking. Well, today is his lucky day as that is exactly what he is going to get. Miss Saida’s ivory thick veined cock dangles enticingly before his begging eyes and drooling mouth. In his anxiety to orally fit it’s condom he almost chokes himself but he must fit it right up to the hilt because…

Female Domination, Shoejob

SubbyHubby – SH Raven Eve Chastity 

Temptress Raven Eve has her chastity bitch’s key on her necklace. First, she makes him worship her boots, then she teases him to no end with the promise of allowing him a release. Raven is too cruel to let this bitch out of chastity. Instead, she grinds her beautiful pussy into her bitch’s chastised cock. She torments him with the key. Then she says, “You always loved blow jobs.” and licks the chastity unit as the chastity bitch watches in…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Locktober Begins – Alexandra Snow 

It’s that time of year! It’s Locktober, my little sluts. It’s the time of year where we lock your troublesome cock in a chastity cage. I’ll have little games and insidious assignments for you to partake in throughout the month. Some will be easy; some will be difficult. If you’ve never locked up your cock before, now is a perfect time to start. If you’re a seasoned cage bitch, then this is your time to shine. Pull out your favorite…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

The low and fun castration method – Ezada Sinn 

This is My new pet in training. Of course, he is locked in chastity, as all My other pets, because this way they can serve Me better. Having their sexual pleasure removed from their minds makes them much more docile and useful. The chastity device is a form of temporary castration, as long as they wear a chastity device, they are not men, they are pets. Sometimes I take the chastity devices of My pets off, often for hygienic purposes,…

Female Domination

BratPrincess2 – Ava And Lexi – Shock Therapy Gay Training 

The girls are gonna do a science experiment. They want to try turning Andy gay. They let him out of chastity and make him oil Ava’s ass. He is so relieved to be out of chastity and finally able to jerk it after so long. He is so lucky to be able to even stare at her ass! Lexi is gonna shock him as he edges. They want to retrain his brain. Girls don’t like him so he should be…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

Lie Under My Ass While I Shop With Your Money, Part 2 

Blond, exquisitely gorgeous and mercilessly cruel, Mistress Seva has her adoring, pathetic little pay-piggy right where she wants him: locked in chastity and suffering beneath her perfect ass! Wearing latex jeans, Mistress Seva easily seals off his air as she shops high-end internet retail shoe stores at leisure – with his credit card! Helplessly, he squirms and struggles in vain for sweet air as she taunts him with details of her extravagantly expensive transactions. Mistress Seva torments her slave with…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

BratPrincess2 – Amber And Ava – Pump It Up More Facesitting 

Fuffy the slave is a great selfie chair. His face basically looks like a toilet. Amber is showing Ava how good Fluffy can be so that way she will be his key-holder! The girls take turns smothering him. They both are wearing extra tight silky shiny leggings and body suits. This makes it even harder for him to breathe! He is struggling and moaning and soon won’t be able to breathe. He should THANK them for smothering him with their…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

HumilationPOV – My Mindless Chastity Puppet BEGS Me To Deny Him 

I`ve got my loser ex bf on total lock down. Being in chastity makes him so obedient. It makes it so that he can`t think of anything but me. He grows more mindless by the day. But there`s one way to intensify this feeling, and that`s by taking his cock out, teasing the fuck out of it, and then putting it back without allowing him to cum. This makes him so stupid and even more mindless and obedient. And when…

Female Domination, Slapping

Eden Slaps & Kicks – Fascist FemDom 

Ms. Eden Winter has her slave completely restrained, locked into her bondage and cbt chair. He is here for her entertainment. As a slave in the Nation of MD he will take anything and everything Ms. Eden feels like giving him. She slaps him, bare handed on his hooded face. His head is held firmly in place for her to hit him over and over. Eden takes his pathetic slave dick out of chastity to squeeze, crush, stretch and kick…

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