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Female Domination, Trampling

Trample Brats Stompathon 

Jenny and Mia team up to give their human doormat and good hard trampling! As you probanly know these brats do not hold back and greatly enjoy destroying men underfoot! Hard stomping and lots of facestanding on on course in this hot clip which also has a bunch of POV bonus footage!!

Female Domination, Foot Worship

Karly – Punished under Karly’s feet 2 – Bratty Foot Girls 

After Karly got done with her run she kept her promise as she returns to her slave and tells him his punishment is set to continue. Now her feet are nice and stinky and sweaty so the slave will have to do his best job to clean them by licking and gagging on them till she is content. However Karly is still in a cruel mood as she stands on him and makes him gag hard on her toes as…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Mail Order CBT – AmericanMeanGirls 

A GOOD slave from AmericanMeanGirls sent us a new toy in the mail. And we like gifts and toys. So we dug up this loser from whatever pit he was in and chained him to Princess Chanel’s furniture to try the toy. It’s such a cute little cbt strap…perfect for weights and full of all sorts of pretty little spikes. Princess Chanel’s got absolutely NO mercy. She wants multiple weights hanging from the spiked strap at once to test whether…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

Cucked Into A Facesitting Slave – Lola Leda, Joey White, 

Lola has a surprise for her man. She wants to get kinky and sit on his face! He is all about it until she sits onh im and he realizes something is wrong. Soon he hears another voice! Joey enters the room and immediately gets up and sits on him as well.The two lesbian lovers let him know he is no longer part of the equation but just a facesitting cuck for them both as they have fun with one…

Female Domination, Scissorhold

Mean Bitch Academy: Where Nerds And Dorks Get Bullied! 

They are the mean bitches and they rule this school! Here at mean bitch academy, every nerd, dork, and dweeb will get bullied incessantly. They are big, buff, beautiful, and whatever they say goes. Whoever they feel like picking on will suffer the wrath of their taunting, teasing and humiliation. Brunette bombshell brandimae is the muscular monarch who will strong arm any punk into submission. Blonde luscious babe sydney thunder is the ultra tough antagonizer who is rowdy and…

Female Domination

TheMeanGirls: Eating Alpha Condoms 

Alex and I have become so close (and so in sync with each other) that we’ve even stared going on double dates, from start to FINISH! HAHAHA. Its SUPER funny because we DON’T even plan it! After a LOOONG night fucking our boyfriends, we realize the room is a bit messy (and like ANY MEAN GIRL WOULD) decided to have our old decrepit slave to do the job! (A PRIVILEGE FOR LOSERS) His old wrinkly ass crawls into our room…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

BratPrincess2 – Amber And Nika – Ball Busting Bitches 

Amber and Nika made their slaves fat stomach all bruised. The neighbors heard them shooting him so now they have to kick him in the balls. His dick is so tiny under his fat belly. His balls get so big and swollen because he keeps getting kicked. They don’t care how hard they bust his balls because its entertaining to them. His pathetic whimpers and moans are so funny. He is so humiliated that 2 hot girls have enough control…

Female Domination

BratPrincess2 – Amadahy And Madison – Jerk Off Junky Practices For Contest 

PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED! Amadahy has a bet her slave can bust faster than Mia’s. The girls are going to have a contest and see which one is more backed up. The one hornier and more backed up will cum faster proving the girl to be more ruthless to their slave. The loser will have to eat the others cum and go back into chastity without release. In this clip, Madison and Amadahy put the slave through his paces. He is humiliated…

Female Domination, Riding

BratPrincess2 – Amber – Brutal Shoulder Riding 

One of the more physically exhausting chores for a girl is training a stubborn male pony. It can take hours of riding. Your thighs hurt from squeezing its head and kicking its side, you are thirsty, and even your shoulder and wrist can ache from simply wielding a training whip. Males are strong and can very easily carry the weight of a girl. The hard part for the male is letting go of control. The pony needs to become an…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

BratPrincess2 – Bratty Sorority Girl Dominates A Beta Simp With Feet 

Mariah is in college. She always walks into her morning class and her coffee is always sitting there waiting for her. All the nerds in college bow to her. They know that she is a Princess and should always be treated like one. Having her coffee waiting will help her have a better day. She doesn’t even need to do her homework because she can just find a simp to do it for her if she doesn’t feel like it….

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

HumiliationPOV – Look In The Mirror And KNOW That No Woman Wants That 

Princess Emma Lux! You’re falling deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. Humiliation porn is what you live for. And each new form of humiliation that you experience, makes you more obsessed with it. You need more and more deeper forms of humiliation in order to get off. It just builds and builds. If it doesn’t get more humiliating each time, you can’t get hard, you can’t cum. You need it to get worse. You need to go places that…

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