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Female Domination, Foot Worship

BratPrincess2 – Beautiful Princess Gets Foot Worship From Loser 

Mistress looks amazing. She sits on her furnishings slave and has it worship her excellent Princess feet. Mistress slave is extremely stupid. It just does as it is informed. Mistress informs it to stick out its tongue and enter between her toes. She takes images of the slave looking stupid and also awful. Mistress yells at the simp for not licking her feet right. She hates her worthless beta male so much! If he does not do as she states…

Female Domination

BratPrincess2 – Pizza Party Humiliation 

The girls are having a pizza celebration! The servants gather around to plead for the women’ food scraps. Male slaves are just permitted to consume food that the Princesses do not desire. The hungry slaves ask for pizza crusts. They are not allowed to consume like individuals since they aren’t people. The girls deal with the males similar to mangey monsters. They consume meat and toss the bones to the men. The women urge the men to fight each other…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

London Lix – Tricked Into Chastity 

Hey hunny … so you need to be pretty thrilled after you obtained my message saying I intend to attempt something kinky tonight. You see, I was talking to my sweethearts and also it turns out a great deal of them have their people locked up in chastity devices! It should be so hot to develop some expectancy and also work out a little bit of orgasm control prior to I release you and also let you take off. I…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

BratPrincess2: Macy – Trains A Chastity Slave With Face Sitting 

Wealthy brat, Macy, located a scrappy looking kid busking with his guitar outside the shopping center. She has made a decision to take him back to her manor and give him a far better task as her slave. Not only will the little vagrant offer Macy, he will certainly offer her more youthful half-sister too. Upon entering her lavish house Macy has quickly secured the young boy in chastity. She starts his training with face resting to obtain him utilized…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Empress Jennifer – Foot Feeding Picnic Date 

You assumed you would certainly have a charming barbecue with Empress? A Day full of what? Laughs, with lunch as well as drinking and also ME? Well, you’re sorta right. Absolutely stuff like that will happen, yet most likely not in the way you envisioned. Since that would be like, SO “day”-like. AND ALSO YOU would NEVER EVER be a person I ‘d date haha. So rather, you will certainly purchase Me My treats. starbucks and also sit close-by seeing…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

BratPrincess2: Mia – Lick My Heels And Feet Loser 

Mia informs her loser to “get to it!” She desires the soles of her footwear to be very clean as well as it is the loser’s work to lick all the dust. Then, she wants the loser to remove her footwear for her and lick her feet. He has to lick her feet while considering her best butt. Mia yells at the freak while requiring it to trick on her beautiful feet. She desires her feet to be spick-and-span, however…

Spanking & Whipping

Nika And Sadie – Beta Sees State Official For Inspection And Correction 

A slave has entered into the possession of the state as deserted home. The slave is old and in extremely harsh shape. Sadie goes over his records. He holds a lot of financial obligation as well as has actually been provided the unfavorable name of, “dumb old fart,” by his last owner. Sadie really feels a little sorry for the abandoned servant as well as determines to refer to it as “beta” rather. Sadie takes a peek at the old…

Shoe & Boots

FemdomEmpire – Bow to Boots – Paige Owens 

Girlfriend Paige just wants a guy that recognizes his area is at a Female’s feet. She found a possible servant that is simply starting to locate his inner-submissive and desires absolutely nothing more than to reveal he can be a correct bitch. He has a great deal to discover and also requires to recognize that he will certainly JUST be crawling on all fours when in her existence. She desires her bitch always low to the ground as well as…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

Marie – Makes Mutt Worship Her Feet 

Marie wants her feet worshipped. She makes her beta, Dog, worship them for her. Marie is extremely suggest to Pooch. She maintains it secured chastity. Mutt needs to do whatever she says. It is a beta’s job to do whatever ladies tell it to. Marie tricks Pooch with her feet. She is a little disgusted by him, yet the beta benefits a laugh. Pooch wishes to leave the chastity gadget, yet Marie says no. She wants each of her toes…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

BratPrincess2 – Natalya – Shuts Up a Mouthy slave with her Big Ass 

Natalya’s servant is so mouthy! She determines to shut him up by covering his mouth with her big ass. This servant has been truly hopping on her nerves which is why he needs to be penalized with a tough facesitting. Slaves who can not close their large mouths should have to be surrounded! Say goodbye to sound from him besides determined gasps for grace! The slave is refuted air up until its sorry for speaking out. It’s scary to be…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

BrattyFootGirls: Riot – Slave To The Ceo 

When Chief Executive Officer Riot hires the intern that had been dealing with her laptop and asks him why it has actually completely broken, he stammers and stammers incapable to offer the head employer a suitable solution. He frantically requires the credit scores for institution and asks if there’s anything else he can do to assist get him there. In charge informs him he; s ineffective as an IT intern and also may work more suitable for him – under…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

FemdomEmpire – Prolonged Edging Program – Evelyn Claire 

Mistress Evelyn Claire is going to enable her servant to orgasm yet will not make it easy. Edging a man’s penis before an orgasm enables a far more intense experience as well as an incredibly discouraging one at that. Mistress Evelyn enjoys seeing a large, strong man defenseless and begging to cum recognizing he is at the mercy of her hands as his dick obtains brushed. One last orgasm before his prick goes straight back into chastity for one more…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Handjob & Milking

CockteaseCity – A City Where Brat Girls Rule 

The Girls nab you from a health center to have their method with you! You wake to find them riding your face as well as toying and Bordering your rock difficult dick?!? What on the planet is taking place?? You were being preped for surgical treatment … and also currently this?? Exactly how did they also obtain you out of the medical facility?? Something is for certain, if you do manage to cum it is going to be the most…

Female Domination, Shoe & Boots

FemdomEmpire – Bottom Boot Bitch – Kendra Spade 

Girlfriend Kendra Spade’s slave came a cropper on cleansing her boots the 1st time however is given a second possibility as long as he only uses his mouth. She is a merciless bitch as she scolds and also degrades her mat so he knows just how reduced she really thinks about him. He would certainly like absolutely nothing greater than to prayer her bare naked soles but will never be provided the opportunity as dirty natural leather boots are the…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking

FemdomEmpire – Painful Pussy Pleaser – Kiara Cole 

Girlfriend Kiara really gets off on requiring to be happy especially when she understands her servant will remain in constant misery. His spiked chastity is locked on limited ensuring his cock gets all the pain while she gets all the satisfaction. She enjoys to tease her powerless bitch with her pussy so close to his captive cock but never ever providing him what he truly desires. Slaves do not obtain fuck a cozy, wet pussy however they do reach lick…

Female Domination, Shoe & Boots, Trampling

Cecilia – My human doormat – Human rug 

Bratty Cecilia comes back home as well as desires the soles of Her shoes&& nbsp; clean: they are truly filthy from the dirt of the streets, but She does not care and also She pretends a best cleansing: She orders him to take his tongue out and also She starts to wipe and also scrub hard the soles over his tongue. She takes a look at him like he were a bug while he ingests the dust and She crushes…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

FemdomEmpire – Femdom Foot Hazard – Naomi Swan 

Naomi Swann isn’t a delighted Girlfriend up until her slave is choking walking shoved deep down his throat. Her bare naked soles get wrapped around his head compeling his mouth to take every last toe that can fit within. She wants to make him gag, choke and also salivate around her pretty feet then make him lick it right back up. When Girlfriend Naomi takes her heels off, no mouth is safe.

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

THEMEANGIRLS – You Will Serve Us Both 

My Alpha man just moved in with me and that thinks its hilarious that which I really do for a”living”. (Basically only using, abusing, and degrading weak beta men just like you! Ha Ha.) In fact we decided to make this clip to get beta losers that want to serve us since the sexy, Alpha bunch we are. Are you pitiful enough to admit that you could never please a real woman like me, and are willing to just accept…

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