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Goddess Sasha Foxx and Reagan Lush are using their pony slave to pull them around when they stop him and have him start cleaning their boots. They want him to clean them good, paying close attention to the dirty bottoms of their boots. Reagan Lush tells him to suck the heel like a good little cocksucker. Reagan Lush gets bored with the boot worship, and asks Sasha Foxx if she would rather whip their pathetic pony slave bitch. They tie their slave to a tree and make him beg them to get whipped. Sasha Foxx cracks the whip across his back, turning it from pale pasty white to a deep crimson. Goddess Sasha Foxx feels like he isn’t getting the enjoyment out of this whipping that he should, and demands he beg for more. Reagan Lush then takes over using her red suede whip to sting against his back.

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