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SubbyHubby – Reagan’s Cuck – Reagan Lush 

  Reagan Lush trains her submissive cuck to suck cock just like she wants him to do. He has to get to work on this cock for her, no matter how humiliated he feels doing it. It is about pleasing his Goddess and doing anything she says and wants. He takes that cock in his mouth like he has been doing this his whole life, while Reagan looks on with a grin. She instructs him on sucking like a good…

Foot Worship

SubbyHubby – Reagan’s Cuck Part 3: Foot Worship 

  Reagan Lush knows exactly how she wants her feet worshipped by her bitch boy. Her cuckold needs to lick and suck on her toes and feet the way he is instructed by is Queen. She always gets what she wants and he is to make sure of that forever as he licks her perfect feet.

Cuckolding, Strap-on

SubbyHubby – Duped Into Domination Part 5: He-Bitches 

  Mistress Reagan Lush and Goddess Sasha Foxx are absolutely in the mood to fuck! It’s too bad their idea of fucking is a bit different than what the boys think it is. The he-bitches will be having sex all right, sex with the big strap-ons that these women are going to shove into their boy-pussies! The women go to town, fucking the guys deep and hard while they laugh. They really give it to them good between making them…

Bisexual, Cuckolding

Subby Hubby – Duped Into Domination Part 4: Bisexual Bitches 

  The gorgeous Mistresses really have these two fools jumping through hoops, as it’s obvious the morons still assume they may eventually get laid, still not fully believing that these women are strict Mistresses! The women tell the boys they need some entertainment and they decide to make Toby into a cock-sucking bitch. Toby must blow his friend whether he likes it or not and boy does it look like he absolutely hates it. The more the women enjoy it,…

Face Dildo

Subby Hubby – Duped Into Domination Part 3: Pussy Tease 

  Toby and Collin are now both under the control of the hot women. It seems like perhaps the women are horny. This is a good sign. Maybe they will both get lucky now and the mean domination games are over. The women show the men their gorgeous wet pussies. The men can smell and see how wet and gorgeous they are but the women will not let them touch it. Collin gets a dildo gag strapped to his face…

Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Reagan Lush, Sasha Foxx – Whipping Their Pony Slave 

  Goddess Sasha Foxx and Reagan Lush are using their pony slave to pull them around when they stop him and have him start cleaning their boots. They want him to clean them good, paying close attention to the dirty bottoms of their boots. Reagan Lush tells him to suck the heel like a good little cocksucker. Reagan Lush gets bored with the boot worship, and asks Sasha Foxx if she would rather whip their pathetic pony slave bitch. They…

Female Domination

Subby Hubby – Duped Into Domination Part 2: CFNM Party 

  Toby is feeling very humiliated. His face covered in cum and “cum dumpster” had been written on his chest. Suddenly his friend Collin comes home, the same friend who gave him the advice to call some hot girls. He sees the predicament of his friend and tries to pretend he is shocked but the girls out him as a little submissive bitch and order him to get undressed and into a collar also. The women are having a full-on…

Foot Worship

Subby Hubby – Reagan Lush, Sasha Foxx – Duped Into Domination Part 1: Foot Bitch 

  Toby’s friend recommended two women for him to have a real hot time with and sent him a link on the internet. He has been under a lot of stress and he assumes that spending some hot time with two women will be just the thing he needs to feel better. He contacts the women and they come over. In walks Sasha Foxx and Reagan Lush, two Dominant Escorts who enjoy making men their bitch. He has made a…


Clubdom – Reagan Lush, Sasha Foxx – Pegging Slave 142’s Ass 

  Goddess Sasha Foxx lets her slave know that her big black cock isn’t going to suck itself. He immediately shoves his mouth down on her strap on dick and starts gagging while sucking on it. After her slave sucks her dick and gets it wet, Goddess Sasha Foxx bends him over his cage and starts pegging his worthless ass. Sasha Foxx starts smoking while taking her slave’s man pussy, and she ashes on his back while thrusting her long…

Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Rock, Paper, Canes! 

  Mistress Sasha Foxx and Goddess Reagan Lush are out for 8lood today as they have two slaves in their dungeon. One is strung up, and another is locked in the stockade. Which one will they destroy? They decide to play a game of rock paper scissors to see which one of their slaves is going to get it good. The women play as both the slaves tremble in fear. The strung up slave will be the one to get…


Clubdom – Reagan Lush, Sasha Foxx – Her Big, Black, Femdom Cock 

  Reagan Lush is a cruel Mistress who demands that her slaves be her little bitches. She loves fucking them with her big black femdom cock and showing them who is in charge. Reagan makes her slut suck on her cock nice and deep before bending him over and shoving every inch into his little bitch-hole. That’s what she is best at, making men into little quivering bitches, stuffed with cock and at her mercy. She even smokes a cigarette…

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