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QueenSnake – GLADIATORS – NAZRYANA VS QS 2021 July 24 

Nazryana and me have a dragon duel while our hands are tied together. The rules are simple: hit the opponents’ butts as hard as you can until someone gives up. The looser’s punishment is a cattle prod bite on the pussy delivered by the winner on the most vicious way: first poking the electrodes right into the pussy and then pushing the on button. It makes the electric shock more focused and therefore more painful than using it on the…

Female Domination, Spanking & Whipping

AmazonGoddessHarley: Not Hard Enough 

This slave didn’t remember if I ever got to whip him at Mean Girl Manor so I guess I must not have made a severe enough impression on him! Well, he’s gonna remember every detail from now on after I correct his memory! I just love when slaves like this try to give up and I then start my repeated barrage of strokes that really leaves him a blubbering mess on the floor!

Female Domination, Pegging, Strap-on

A Kinky Surprise – Ezada Sinn 

When hubby arrives home, he sees the leather hood and thing that I left for him on the couch, together with a note to put them on; I’m in the mood to use him today. he’s enthusiastic and quickly undresses and puts the items on, but, stupidly, he sits down on the couch while trying to lace up the hood. This mistake cannot go unpunished, even for hubby, so I use a whip, which I know he hates, to remind…


Mistress Zita – The Magic Key (2018) 

25 Tage durfte mein Haussklave P16 für mich in seinem Keuchheitskäfig leiden. Dafür hat er sich dann doch wirklich 25 harte Peitschen hiebe verdient. Jammer und betteln kann er eh ziemlich gut weshalb ich ihm erst mal richtig heftig den Arsch mit meinem Strapon ficke. Danach glaubt er sich schon am Ziel seiner Träume als ich ihm den magischen Schlüssel zeige. Nur leider liegt er da schon hilflos in der Z-wangsjacke auf dem Gumibett. Nur bevor ich ihn befreie habe…

CBT & Ballbusting

OublietteClipStore – Test My Implements 

Two sluts restrained in a cage with no way out and Lady Dark Angel has a handful of implements to play with. Now I wander which she will like best? Dressed in a stunning leather dress and making their (her) cocks the targets, she intends to find out and the sluts must simply endure her fun.

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

Queensnake – WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE – NAZRYANA 2021 May 1 

We played the wheel of misfortune game with Tanita again. This time Nazryana was our slave. She had to endure 10 big strokes of different tools like a flogger, a cane, a single-tail-whip and a knotted coral whip in each round. Tanita and me rolled the wheel to define the tool and the punishable body part. In the end Nazryana had 11 rounds so she got 110 hits altogether, mostly on her tits and on her pussy. Her cute whiny…


Queensnake – FUCKING MACHINE – HOLLY 2021 March 27 

Holly had three different kinds of stimulation at the same time. While her vagina was fucked by the machine, her nipples and belly got some high level electricity and Jessica was also whipping her muscular body as a third stimulus. In the second part of the movie the dildo was changed to a hairbrush so Holly could feel the pain inside and outside simultaneously.


QueenSnake – SUPERGLUE – HOLLY 2021 January 23 

Given that I informed the girls about my superglue session, every one of them wish to try it. This time around Holly’s tits and also pussy was closed with some superglue. After momentarily clearing away Holly’s nipples and also pussy lips Jessica attempted to restore them by whipping them constantly with a light flogger. I actually liked that part of the movie when Holly’s big internal labias were glued together, they resembled a flat mini pancake lol.

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