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SensualPain – Lovi Butt Toys V019 Equines Ass Cum Load | Abigail Dupree 

Masturbate with me – Lovi Butt Toys is a sequence of video clips showing the rectal sex slave in training. In full use by the Master ⁄ Mistress, furthermore, to those the belongings are rented out to, in or out of a D ⁄ S relationship. Shared Self Pleasure Urged. If you like anal play, this video is for you. I actually, REALLY like Huge Insertions! This is the infamous “Possibility” from Bad Dragon and he is HUUUUGE! Wan na…

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

HouseOfTaboo – Brandy Smile, Luna Rival 

Horny Horseback Ride – Dominant Jockey Humiliates New Face Brandy Smile is ready for a horny horseback flight on her human pony called Luna Rival. The leading jockey embarrasses our brand-new face in today’s episode of Residence of Taboo by DDF Network! See the brunette Hungarian impersonated a jockey placed a saddle on her submissive’s back. Luna is a young university student from France. The lovely blue-eyed teenager with brunette hair as well as an irresistible smile on her lovely…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination, Shoe & Boots

MistressGaia – Ball Abuse Pony Training 

Today I’m going to train my little ponyboy. He’s been in the cage all day waiting for me to arrive. However, before I let him out. He has to show me that he’s a good slave, and lick my beautiful riding boots. After a good licking session I get him to crawl out of the cage. He’s already wearing his little pony tail, and ready for some intense training. I have a nice dressage whip to hand to make sure…


Clubdom – Plow the Man Pussy – Kendra Heart 

Kendra Heart is in the mood for a little outdoor action. She instructs her stable slave put her pony cart into the field. The world should see what is going to happen to this slut next. She puts the bitch on his knees and, takes his mouth with her big, black cock. Kendra skull fucks the slut. Then she bends him over the pony cart and, fucks his tight man pussy. This is turning Kendra on so much that she…

Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Cruelly Caned by Crystal Rush – Crystal Rush 

It is not enough for a cruel sadist like Mistress Crystal Rush to just mercilessly cane her helpless slave; she wants him to beg for it and be grateful for the pain she inflicts upon him. After riding in like royalty in her slave pulled chariot, Crystal orders her slave to beg for pain while she rubs her latex glove over her pussy, then allows her slave to taste her excitement off the glove. Now that he is totally turned…

Riding, Strap-on

Clubdom – Ginary Ass Fucks Her New Bitch 

Mistress Ginary commands her new bitch to pull her chariot around the field at the ClubDom Compound, all while one of her old slaves is being pulled behind the chariot. Ginary orders her new bitch to stop and then puts him into position to take her big cock in his ass, all while her old slave can only watch. Ginary cruelly puts wooden clamps on her new slave’s tongue, preventing him from speaking, then pounds his ass into submission, adding…

Riding, Slapping

Clubdom – Punished for Speaking by Lady Karma 

It is a beautiful day on the slave farm, so Lady Karma decides to go for a ride on the pony cart. After going around the grounds a few times, she decides to give her pony cart pulling slave a break. She allows her slave the honor of worshipping her long thigh high boots. He kisses, licks and sucks on her heel. Her stupid slave loves it so much that he can’t shut up about how much he enjoys it….

Foot Worship, Riding, Spitting

Clubdom – Mistress Dahlia turns Her Pony Into Her Toe Sucker 

Mistress Dahlia Rain is being pulled in a cart by her pony boy bitch. She motivates her pony by periodically whipping him as he runs. Dahlia commands her slave to stop pulling her and kneel before her, sitting in the pony cart. She wants to see her pony boy now turn into her toe licker. Her slave has the privilege of kissing, licking and sucking on her toes and feet. Mistress Dahila commands her bitch to spit on the soles…


Dirty Dommes – Hard pony training – Domina Liza 

Domina Liza has brought her athletic human pony for some hard training, so this is going to be fun! We take turns riding the slave, sitting on his back and shoulders. He will be put through his paces and any bad behaviour or laziness gets punished! Let’s see how much this pony wants to please us and how hard we can push and ride him.

Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Reagan Lush, Sasha Foxx – Whipping Their Pony Slave 

  Goddess Sasha Foxx and Reagan Lush are using their pony slave to pull them around when they stop him and have him start cleaning their boots. They want him to clean them good, paying close attention to the dirty bottoms of their boots. Reagan Lush tells him to suck the heel like a good little cocksucker. Reagan Lush gets bored with the boot worship, and asks Sasha Foxx if she would rather whip their pathetic pony slave bitch. They…

Female Domination

Clubdom – Alina Long, Raven Bay – Fuck Your Way To Freedom 

  Goddess Raven bay and mistress Alina Long find a poor excuse of a man tied up in the woods to a tree all tattered and torn the ladies decide to have a little fun with this looser they offer to cut him down but inform him that he will have to fuck his way to freedom by doing everything they tell him Goddess Raven hands him a blow up lamb and makes him fuck it and onk like the…

Handjob & Milking, Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Slave 032’s Day In The Dungeon 

  Mistress Dahlia and Domina Helena use their slave to give them a ride to their dungeon where they restrain him so they can whip him. They take turns turning his pale white back red with whip marks. Dressed in their latex stockings, they admire their artwork before deciding they need to work a little lower on their slave. Mistress Dahlia and Domina Helena want to continue their beating of their useless slave and make him beg to cane his…

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