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Kat Dior’s spouse has actually failed as a male in more methods than one and also will certainly currently pay the best rate for it. He has actually failed as a monetary supporter, a companion, and also as a lover which is totally inappropriate. Not just has he failed at sexually pleasing his better half yet Kat has actually just found sissy slut pictures of her spouse while she was snooping around his laptop. She located him in sissy attire resembling a complete slut as well as a shopping list of internet sites with men obtaining fucked and also controlled by women. If this is what he is really into after that this is the life he will certainly get. Kat phones to Draven’s employer to allow him know he will not be coming in for a long time. He is been demoted from an other half and also male in life to a sissy beta bitch that needs to be managed as well as controlled in all times. Kat is officially now his Mistress as she secures his cock up into chastity and prepares him for his brand-new life as her personal slave. Girlfriend Kat disrobe to her black bra as well as underwears and also begins to tease her new bitch child with her sexy body that he might’ve once had. Now he will just be teased by her big tits as well as huge butt as she drives his cock wild in it’s brand-new steel cage. He intended to be a bitch and also currently he is just that!!

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