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Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

TeaseandThankYou – Three Domme Special 

3 mistresses, 1 very lucky boy and his messiest cumshot yet. I mean, how could you hold back with all our hands pumping away, tits bouncing, asses flashing. It was only a matter of time for him to give us what we wanted. “We’re waiting” we all chant together while he’s thrashing and whining to cum. Hehe, I love my job.

Female Domination

TeaseandThankYou – Fake Sex – Lucid Dreaming 

This mistress is a master at chastity sex, with movements so magic that this boy would actually be able to cum through the device. But when he almost cums she stops, and makes sure tease is all he gets. She edges him in chastity again and again with just her hips. This scene is nice.

Female Domination, Foot Jobs

TeaseandThankYou – I Shouldn’t Cross This Boundary – Allie Heart 

There are some behind the scenes experiments I reserve only for… certain situations. For my records, I always keep a camera on and take thorough notes, and this time I got so pulled into my intense scientific research that I needed to keep my hands extra free (and use my feet instead) for the ritual teasing. Straightaway, this patient was exhibiting symptoms that seemed unusual, and though there are professional boundaries to maintain, something about this particular trial had me…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

TeaseandThankYou – How To Train Your Virgin, Part 1: The “Opening” Act 

The complete series is available this month. Part 1 here, Part 2 on next week and the rest on C4S! Come one, come all to my new series of Virgin Training. In these troubled times there are so many subby virgins, you may not know what to do? How to inspire your virgin, but keep the virginity. How to fuck him over without ever fucking. How to teach, without the real thing. Inspire him with deep dicking, without his…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

TeaseandThankYou – Marisol’s Ritual: The Virgin Sacrifice 

A night of sacrifice (no tentacles this time folks, we saved hell’s gate for next time). A young witch’s wish to come true, with the offering of a virgin boy’s seed. The candles are lit. Alter set. The lord of darkness eagerly waiting (stroking his cock, same as you). Marisol skillfully prepares the virgin. Hands pumping and working him over until he’s bleating and shaking. Innocence will be lost tonight.

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

TeaseandThankYou – Can You Really Take Me Lil Bro? 

One perverted orgasm, here. My perverted little step-brother has gone too far. The parents are gone for the weekend, so he’s all mine. I have it all planned out, the proper restraints and gimping materials and exactly how I’m going to put him in his place with the fetishes he likes to overshare to me about: edging him against his will until he pops all over himself and is left a puddle.

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

TeaseandThankYou – The Allie Heart Suck And Fuck Special 

A lot of boys ask me about a fetish blowjob, and what makes a submissive qualify to be considered for it. And, it varies. For this particular boy, he qualifies while IN CHASTITY and strapped up so he can barely see me get to work on his newly ginormous cock. I’ve got his real one locked away underneath, and do some of my dirtiest work on the dildo strapped right above it. When I tease the dildo, I tease his…

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