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Miss Xi walks into the space where she keeps her servant in the flooring box for long periods of time. She has a bucket over his head to make his world also smaller. Currently she is here to utilize him for her enjoyment. She gets rid of the container from his head yet not before banging on it initially to make sure he’s wide awake. “You were as soon as a man yet consider you now you’re just a slave trapped in the flooring.” Xi tells him she’s been walking about throughout the day in her stockings and also stilettos and requires some attention. He will have to suck the sweat out of her nylons yet initially he will lick her soles and suck on the sharp stiletto heels. The slave is eager to please her and licks with actual enthusiasm as well as devotion. The servant does a great deal of licking and also the shoes really are sparkly tidy prior to she decides to eliminate them.

She floats her nylon framed foot over his nose so he can scent the musky odor. She makes him grab them with his tongue yet his head is secured location and he can not move greater than an inch. She stands and currently fucks his confront with her foot, toes first. Next off he needs to lick the soles of her nylon covered feet. She stops only to stick her foot back in his mouth and additionally to foot slap his face. “Draw it, draw all that sweat, and also thank also” she informs him. “Thank you, Princess” he mumbles with a mouthful of toes. She after that notices that his teeth have actually pierced her skin on one foot. She rams it back in his mouth and tells him to gobble the liquid. Miss Xi has had enough enjoyable for today and also is currently prepared to head off to do something else. She takes the pail and puts it back over his head. “Bye” she claims and walks from the area.

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