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Complete slave training with your Mistress…..what I say goes. This is based on mind fuck pussy power. Since I have the pussy, I make the rules! It’s just that simple. What I say goes. 48 hours with me with be the best time of your life, reminding you the whole time how powerful I am. I have to go on a date and get some BBC after but first you will need to be my toy. I’ll start off by reminding you who is in charge while I tease you, showing off my sexy body in this latex dress. Making sure you behave to will be wearing a chastity….don’t want you to get out of control! Since I’m going on a date you will need to be a good slave and fetch me whatever I need. Back and forth I will mind fuck you between showing off my big boobs and pussy followed by cropping, spanking and face slapping. The fun continues on as I verbally humiliate and seduce you while spitting in your mouth and taking off my 3 day dirty panties to be cleaned. These panties are super nasty! The whole time I will make you feel like you like you are my cuckold by showing off my pussy and even letting you get inches close…..but not allowing you to touch it.

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