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My slave’s really been ticking me off. I decided to punish him, so that he understands the gravity of his failures. My friend Sasha and I tied him to a bench. We punished him with a bunch of ideas we threw together in a hat. First, I put a stinky old sock in his mouth and sealed it up with tape. Then, we start pulling punishments from the hat. I’m not going to tell you all of our great ideas, you’re going to have to buy the clip to find out everything we did to him. He really hated every minute, but that’s what he gets for making me mad! The last thing we did was too funny. Sasha and I covered his balls in that cream that burns, then feels icy. To make sure we got him really good, we took toothbrushes and scrubbed the cream into his skin. He was in so much pain! It was hilarious! I almost hope that he continues to mess up around here, just so Sasha and I can punish him again.

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