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Chloe works in an office with Danni. At her command, she makes her co-worker crawl over to her and lick her boots. Chloe also keeps Danni collared and in chastity. She makes Danni crawl on the floor like a worm. Danni’s job involves a lot of extra work. He has to lick boots all day in addition to all of his regular office tasks, which keeps him in the office late. But it’s not like he has anyone to go home to anyway. Chloe is pretty fanatic about keeping her black boots shiny and for Danni, that means a lot of crawling and licking. Girls hate work and they hate puny males. Such a brilliant idea to keep the puny males occupied with lots of work. Danni is sad that this is his life. All he wanted was a job. Amazing how quickly and easily hot girls can trap and ensnare the weak males for their use.

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