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Young Girl Scout Maverick returns home after a long day of selling cookies door-to-door. She’s so proud to tell her stepdad that she sold a lot of cookies. After all that walking, her itty-bitty feet are so tired and sweaty. Maverick asks her stepdad for a footrub. The old guy can’t resist doing something nice for his little girl after she’s worked so hard. He takes her petite bare feet into his hands and begins caressing. Her small feet are so warm and sweaty. Stepdad goes a step further and massages Mavericks sore feet with his tongue; swirling it lovingly between each short toe. It feels so good the way stepdad takes care of her feet. Maverick wants to give something back to show her appreciation. She wraps her tiny feet around stepdad’s thick cock and begins riding it up and down with her soft, sweaty bare soles. That hard rod feels so good on her tired feet. She plows that pole perfectly until stepdad pops a hot load onto her perfect petite feet. Too bad there’s not a badge for that!

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