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Raevyn sneaks into her parents’ bedroom with the video camera running while her brother lies on the bed stroking his dick and sniffing panties. “Boo!” Raevyn calls out, as her brother’s eyes open wide while he sits up in shock. “What the fuck are you doing here?! I thought you went on vacation with Mom and Dad!” he says, clearly upset. “Obviously, I’m not. and what are you doing?” Raevyn asks, as she picks up a pair of panties and points out that they are her worn panties. She picks up another pair and asks “and aren’t these Mom’s?” Raevyn is disgusted and her brother begs her not to tell. It’s all on video though and the only way out for him is to agree to be Raevyn’s slave. He protests but eventually realises he has no choice but to do as he’s told, since she has threatened to put the video on his FB page. The scene rolls over to the living room, where Raevyn sits on the couch, using her naked brother as her footstool.

She tells him that every time he’s subjected to things like this, she has even more video, and things will get a lot kinkier. She asks if he’s ever heard of a human toilet. “You’re going to learn to love eating my sch1t,” she explains to him, and says he will even crave it in time. She orders him onto all fours to give her a foot massage. “Imagine what Dad would think if he saw you on his bed, sniffing Mom’s panties,” she says with a giggle. She orders him to lick the dirty soles of her feet and to worship her feet in their entirety. She finds herself getting turned on and slides her hand inside her panties to touch herself. This gets her even more aroused and she tells Big Bro that in time he’ll probably have to watch her boyfriend fuck her. “Maybe I’ll make you suck his cock, too,” she tells him. He says that he doesn’t want to, to which Raevyn replies, “Yes, you do.” She says that after her boyfriend cums inside her she’ll stand over her hapless brother and let the cum drip onto him, followed up with some of her piss. This is just the start of a whole new life for her pathetic brother. “You’re going to regret the day you ever decided to sniff our panties,” she says, with a big smile on her face.

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