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Face and Body Sitting Smothering

Brat Princess 2: Natalya – Ass Smothers A Human Chair 

Princess Natalya smothers her human chair. She keeps him locked tightly in chastity while she sits on his face. The chair is squirmy because he cannot breathe. Natalya controls his breath completely. She jingles the chastity keys around her neck. The chair struggles for air. Natalya doesn’t understand the struggle. He only has one job and it’s literally just to be motionless. Natalya decides to smother him until he’s out. Once he’s limp, then he’ll be still.

Cuckolding, Female Domination, Foot Worship

BratPrincess – Mother May I Milk Him 

Fluffy, Nika’s pet beta male, is kept in a cage in the hallway. Kat and Nika finally let him out of the cage, but not out of his chastity device. Fluffy begs the girls for his seasonal release. Kat asks her mother, Brianna, if she can use her brother, Ellis, as a cum dumpster for Fluffy’s seasonal milking. The women all giggle excitedly at the thought. Kat calls her brother into the room and Nika unlocks Fluffy’s chastity device. Kat…

Blowjob, Cuckolding, Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

BratPrincess – Macy Cartel – Help Me Please Him Cuck 

Macy’s cuck is her helper. She wants to give Alpha a blowjob and cuck is there to hold her hair back while she sucks him. The cuckold must be careful to not pull her beautiful long hair and hold it very gently. Macy gives her Alpha an incredible blowjob while her cuckold has to watch. Cuckolds and Alphas get very different treatment from pretty girls. Macy works very hard deepthroating to please her real man, even though taking his huge…

Breast Smother, Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Scissorhold

BratPrincess – Karma – Strong Scissorhold Puts Ass Addict Under 

Lady Karma scissors her slave’s neck between her powerful thighs. The slave suffers greatly. Karma does not care. She scissors his neck until he goes limp. Karma sits on his face. He is buried underneath her ass. The slave is completely smothered underneath her. He struggles for breath and Karma’s indifferent. Karma keeps at it until the slave’s vision goes black.

CBT & Ballbusting, Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Oral & Asslicking

BratPrincess – Put On The Chastity And Lick – Macy Cartel 

Macy demands that her cuck slave put on a strict metal chastity device. Her slave, Marcello, complains and doesn’t understand why. Macy tells him that she is sick of looking at his nasty little erection. She won’t let him be around her unless he agrees to wear chastity. Marcello has some concern about Macy losing the key to the device’s lock but agrees to wear it for her. Once Marcello is in the device Macy takes a few humiliating photos…

Breast Smother, Face and Body Sitting Smothering

BratPrincess – Slave Tied Down And Forced To Breathe In Farts – Natalya 

Natalya forces a restrained slave to breathe in her farts. She lets them rip and giggles. The slave has to smell them. He can’t get away now that he is tied down. Natalya is very gassy. Some of the farts are very loud and wet-sounding. It doesn’t matter how bad the gas is, the slave has to smell them all. It’s his job! Natalya sits on the slave’s face and presses its nose into her ass. She wants him to…

Handjob & Milking

BratPrincess – Little Dannis First Monthly Milking – Alexis 

It’s time for slave danni’s first monthly milking! Alexis unlocks his little pink chastity cage. Danni is a virgin. He is not allowed to have sex. The only thing he gets is a milking once a month from his Keyholder. Alexis strokes danni with her hands and feet until he cums. She drains his beta male balls of all the build-up from his long period of denial. Then, she locks the virgin slave right back up into his chastity cage…

Handjob & Milking

BratPrincess – Anabelle Pync – Bound and Ruined Three Times 

Anabelle’s got a slave bound up good and tight. She is going to edge him with no mercy. Anabelle is so sexy in this clip, truly a master of the tease. Anabelle coerces the slave into giving her his credit card information while stroking. He is going to have to go into some debt in order to earn an orgasm from her. After a long edging Anabelle finally lets the slave have a ruined orgasm. She laughs at his “cock…


BratPrincess – Edging Foot Job With Post Cum Torture – Lola 

Lola’s slave is out of chastity for a milking. She edges the slave’s cock with her hands, then orders it to humiliate itself by fucking her soles. Lola casually drinks a Starsmucks coffee while the slave fucks her soles. This slave would never be allowed inside a pussy. All it gets are occasional feet to hump. Lola traps the cock between her arches and pumps up and down. She spits on the cock. Points and flexes her toes. Edges it…

Shoe & Boots

BratPrincess – Beg to be Our Boot Licking Slave – Alyssa and Chloe 

Perfect hot blondes, Alyssa and Chloe have a boot licking slave, of course. Who wouldn’t beg to lick the dirt from the shoes of either of these beautiful, young girls? Their slave is such a loser. The girls hate him. He is just a pathetic old man and he will do anything the girls tell him to. The girls humiliate the loser, making him crawl back and forth licking their black boots. They want him to hurry up and get…

Breast Smother, Face and Body Sitting Smothering

BratPrincess – Two Girls Tease a Locked-up Loser – Mariah and Natalya 

Mariah and Natalya admire a beautiful new steel chastity cage they have locked a loser into. Now that escape is hopeless for his worthless penis, the beauties will take turns riding his face. They want to see who can smother the locked-up loser best. The girls double sit. One ass over his airways, the other bouncing on his locked-up cock. The slave gets so hard in the tight chastity. It’s just awful for him! Mariah twerks her ass right over…

Shoe & Boots

BratPrincess – Mind Washed by Slave Training Specialist – Valora 

Chloe has sent her pathetic chastity slave to Valora, a specialist in behavioral issues. Chloe’s slave that he has been a bad boy. Bad boys try to be in charge. Chloe’s slave needs to learn to give up trying to be in control and give himself over completely to the will of his keyholder. Valora tells Chloe’s slave that she is going to spend their time together to destroy his ego. She wants to take away every remaining shred of…

CBT & Ballbusting

BratPrincess – Amber – When My Boyfriend Cancels You Get Ballkicked 

Princess Amber is very upset. Her boyfriend just called to cancel the dinner reservation her slave had made for them. Because Amber is now in a bad mood, she is going to kick her slave in the balls. Even though Amber’s boyfriend canceling isn’t the slave’s fault, it will take the punishment. Amber laughs while kicking her slave in the balls. The slave drops to the floor in pain. Punishing her slave always elevates Amber’s mood. She makes the slave…

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