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Princess Carmela and Princess Lilly inspect the job their sissy maid did cleaning the floor. Princess Lilly can’t believe the slave made eye contact with her when she entered the room! WTF, does this slave actually think he’s a person! He’s not even human he’s just a pathetic useless little sissy bitch! They decide to judge how well of a job the slave did cleaning the floor by having him lick the bottoms of their shoes. If he can taste even a trace of dirt then he didn’t do a good enough job cleaning. Princess Lilly and Princess Carmela use the slave as a human boot wipe totally dominating him with their boots and feet. I love the combination of Princess Lilly in black bikini and thigh high shiny black boots and Princess Carmela in red bikini and thigh high shiny red boots. The slave is so lucky to be kneeling before such a powerful duo I would love to be in his place.

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