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CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – No need to let a Ruptured Ball ruin our FUN – Ms. Sinstress 

Ms. Sinstress is using 12″ heels which makes her servant look so short in front of her. She tells him that they are mosting likely to celebrate all his previous suffering of the day with some even more suffering. Before this scene mores than she has landed 26 difficult kicks to the servants nuts leaving him coughing and sputtering on the flooring. As a final embarrassment she remains on him and after that makes him lick all his ball sweat…

Female Domination, Foot Worship, Shoe & Boots

Clubstiletto – Samantha’s Dirty Boots and Sweaty Feet – Goddess Samantha 

Goddess Samantha remains in her dungeon with a desperate dawg of a slave at the end of her leash. She states “This animal is only great for something, licking my dirty boots.” He ends up massaging as well as licking her feet as this scene unfolds yet you get the point. Thrall, that’s his function and also it never ever differs much from that. Offering early morning until evening and afterwards locked away in a cold, dark, cage. After some…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking

Clubstiletto – As Useless as you Are – Miss Madison 

Miss Madison starts by tormenting her slave with her camel toe yet reminds him he’s unsatisfactory for her pussy. “I understand what you will certainly such as, though” she informs him, reversing to reveal her plump ass covered in her PVC pants. She informs him to crawl in as well as sniff it and claims “You do not know where this ass has been, for all you recognize my sweetheart just fucked me.” She asks if he wants her to…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

BratPrincess2 – Sablique – Danni Auditions For A Porno 

Danni has come for a tryout. He wants to be in a porno. Sablique is auditioning brand-new male leads. Immediately Sablique notices exactly how tiny Danni is. He is not the male porn star type. Initially, Sablique methods Danni right into a situation where he gets on his knees and also kisses her ass. Sablique assesses Danni’s butt kissing ability. She would like to know that he can take direction. Danni aspires to prove that he can be a great…

Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking, Shoe & Boots

Clubstiletto – Earn My Crusty Ass – Lady Bellatrix 

Girl Bellatrix has her slave on his knees as well as she asks him if he intends to lick her butt. He claims he does naturally however very first she claims he has to beg to worship her boots. The boots have been out on the community so that understands what gets on them but if the slave wishes to lick her butt he had better get the boots spick-and-span. “Whatever I tell you to lick, you like the preference…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

Clubstiletto – Her Good morning Cock Sucker – Ms Sinstress 

The scene opens with orgasm dripping from Ms Sintress’ sissies ass and all over the bench. She delights in as the sissy has actually already taken 6 men and it’s not also noontime and also made her $120. She tells the servant it is currently time to please her. She desires a foot massage and well the servant services her feet Ms Sinstress discuss prepare for her. “I think you can take 50 guys a day she informs him” then…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

BratPrincess2: Mia – Lick My Heels And Feet Loser 

Mia informs her loser to “get to it!” She desires the soles of her footwear to be very clean as well as it is the loser’s work to lick all the dust. Then, she wants the loser to remove her footwear for her and lick her feet. He has to lick her feet while considering her best butt. Mia yells at the freak while requiring it to trick on her beautiful feet. She desires her feet to be spick-and-span, however…

Female Domination, Foot Worship, Shoe & Boots

ClubStiletto – Her Humiliated Foot slave – Ms Sinstress 

Hot Ms Sinstress has actually just finished a lengthy session and also her feet ache and also her footwear dirty. She calls her bitch in and also orders him to lick and also brighten her entire footwear, both of them, with his tongue and then to massage her feet. “I was kicking another slave with these shoes and also his balls were so perspiring” she informs him and afterwards asks him if he can taste the ball sweat. “It is…

Female Domination, Shoe & Boots, Trampling

Cecilia – My human doormat – Human rug 

Bratty Cecilia comes back home as well as desires the soles of Her shoes&& nbsp; clean: they are truly filthy from the dirt of the streets, but She does not care and also She pretends a best cleansing: She orders him to take his tongue out and also She starts to wipe and also scrub hard the soles over his tongue. She takes a look at him like he were a bug while he ingests the dust and She crushes…

Female Domination, Shoe & Boots, Spanking & Whipping

Young Goddess Kim: “Slave Delivery” 

While I confirm directions to the drop off, the cable-tied slave trapped in My car’s boot starts banging and causing trouble. After warning the slave twice to shut up, it persists in making a noise. I have had it, the slave will have to be punished before I deliver it to My client. I hastily get out My car, straighten My tight leather pants and open the boot. The slave is still tied and tightly squeezed inside, immediately regretting his…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination, Foot Worship, Shoe & Boots

No Freedom For This Teased Cock Under My Soles 

I hold the key that opens the padlock to My slave’s chastity, yet I will not open it; this way I can tease him even more effectively. I like to taunt My property with the beautiful new sandals with amazing spiked heels that he bought for Me, having him place little kisses on them starting at the tip of My toes. his locked cock grows more exited as he moves from My toes to the lethal high heels. I am…

Female Domination, Shoe & Boots

Morning Boot Worship – Mistress Courtneys 

My slave has Brought Me My morning coffee like a good boy. While I enjoy My creamy goodness, he will worship My black, leather, thigh high boots. Licking, kissing and touching the soft leather, his cock jumps to attention – why wouldn’t it?! I decide to try and make him gag on My boots, his mouth is too small to fit much of it in. his cock leaks and I ensure he licks it all up from the bottom of…

Female Domination, Foot Worship, Shoe & Boots

Heiress Sisters train Skinny Punk boy for Foot Service 

Lily and Macy, are continuing their training of a homeless punk boy that they found busking for change in the mall parking lot. Today he is going to learn how to worship a rich girl’s feet. The sisters have him start by licking the dirt from their expensive shoes. The boy does not want to have to lick shoes, but he also does not want to be dismissed from his position and return to living in his friend’s car. The…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

Anabelle Pync – Worship My Filthy Platform Wedges 

The beautiful and bratty Anabelle Pync makes a lowly slave lick her filthy platform wedges. She is very cruel to the slave as she uses its tongue to clean her shoes. Anabelle wants the slave to lick the insides and the outsides of her shoes. He must clean the sweat from the inside and the dirt from the outside. Anabelle forces the shoe into the slave’s mouth and makes him gag on it. Then, she wants her slave to massage…

Female Domination, Shoe & Boots, Slapping, Spitting

Kaylie Natalya And Rachel – Three Girls Humiliate Old Loser 

Kaylie, Natalya, and Rachel have a weird old loser. Hot girls love to humiliate weird old losers. They spit all over Natalya’s boots and make him lick it off, then Kaylie’s, then Rachel’s heels. The girls inspect the slave’s chastity. It’s way too big for his tiny penis. He will need to get a smaller one. This is why he should never be allowed to make choices for himself. The girls spit all over their loser’s face. Then they slap…

Female Domination, Shoe & Boots

Young Goddess Kim – Life in slavery 

Caged and locked in chastity, the slave craves to be blessed with the honour of worshipping and serving Me. I am on My way out to a fetish party with My gfs and I decide to use the caged object as My boot shining rag. As it grovels before Me kissing the floor, I make it guess where I am keeping its chastity keys… Haha, I give it a clue as I order it to kiss My divine boot sole….

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