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Goddess Samantha remains in her dungeon with a desperate dawg of a slave at the end of her leash. She states “This animal is only great for something, licking my dirty boots.” He ends up massaging as well as licking her feet as this scene unfolds yet you get the point. Thrall, that’s his function and also it never ever differs much from that. Offering early morning until evening and afterwards locked away in a cold, dark, cage.

After some barking, Samantha offers him very details instructions as to just how and also where to lick. An actual pet may be allowed on the sofa however not this dawg, “you belong on the floor” she reminds him. The servant licks up and down the whole boot and Samantha claims when individuals ask her how her boots obtained so shiny she will tell them. After obtaining a wonderful sparkle on the boots he is gotten to take care of the dirtiest part of the job, the single and also the heels. The servant licks like he is enjoying a fine white wine and rightfully so, what an honor to offer a gorgeous effective Goddess like Samantha.

Samantha after that has her well experienced family pet eliminate her boots (his front paws are quiet reliable) and also once off he has to hold the opening of the boot to his face as well as smell deep as well as lengthy. The servants head rotates with pleasure. That scent will certainly be with him all day. Her feet are very perspiring also, naturally, so currently she makes him lick her feet and also toes prior to having him massage therapy her legs as well as feet. “Such an embarrassing thing for a male to need to do, literally on the ground licking and kissing my unclean feet” she states. “Thank Mistress” she informs him and after that as he responds she presses her foot hard right into his face so his words are only mumbled, no easier to understand than a dawgs bark, but likewise completely understood. Loyal as well as anxious to please, as it needs to be.

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