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Female Domination, Smoking

DirtyDommes – Extreme human ashtray humiliation 

We are appreciating our cigarette on the balcony with our servant in the center. He is going to be our human ashtray, absolutely nothing more than a challenge fill with our hot, dirty ashes. His mouth a hole to place our cigarette smoking continues to be in, our spit. His body covered in ashes too. Absolutely nothing human remains, he has to think, act and also be the ashtray. Our burning cigarettes near his nipples as well as lips ……

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

GloveMansion – Milked and bound latex glove slave 

The sound as well as sights of my black latex gloves is already getting my glove slave delighted. Nevertheless … this will be an examination of patience, he may not cum till I enable it. This is going to be enjoyment as well as torture for him as I surround his face with my gloved hands, make him taste the latex and adeptly tease and wank him off … until he can not hold it any longer as well as…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

GloveMansion -Extremely long leather glovejob 

Your proclivity for natural leather handwear covers is going to get promoted even more when I glide on this fresh pair. These exceptionally lengthy handwear covers are made of the softest natural leather and cover my entire arm, how hot is that? I can see just how terribly you want to feel my leather touch on your cock and spheres. Let’s milk you on my gloved hands.

Female Domination, Shoe & Boots, Strap-on

Chateau-cuir – Chastity strap-on fuck 

This is going to be so difficult for him. His own cock secured chastity whilst his Girlfriend is teasing him with her natural leathers, handwear covers and also tongue. He is her fuck plaything? But instead of riding his servant penis, she brings herself to an orgasm on top of the strap-on penis. Currently this is a genuine tease as well as denial for the leather servant.

Female Domination

POW training: Sounding and Submission – Lucy Khan 

Take a look at My helpless captive– no arms, no legs, simply a bound gimp quietly awaiting its count on serve to Me! I’ve been maintaining him in solitary arrest to make sure that he’s additional hopeless for human get in touch with. Makes Me damp to see a guy so powerless, so unprotected against My evil whims … and also today what I feel like toying with is his anxious little tongue! I’m going to educate it to lick…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

Chateau-Cuir – Teased and drained leather fuck toy 

He is my natural leather servant, my natural leather fuck plaything. I possess his penis and his climaxes. He will certainly be teased, smothered and also wanked by my natural leather gloves, my long natural leather coat … whilst being bound by limited bands. His tough prick craving a launch yet under my control, as I play with it … massage my leatherclad pussy on his erection. He will certainly be bled like a leather bitch.

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