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Female Domination, Spanking & Whipping

Camera Man Fucks Up – Princess Beverly 

This is like the easiest job in the world. All a slave needs to do is sit there and film me. But he can’t even do that right. This slave fucks it up and starts moving the camera all around instead of focusing on what I am doing. Bad, bad idea. Does he not know how many slaves can do this job? He needs a good whipping. He needs welts of red on his back to remind him that he…

Shoe & Boots

AmericanMeanGirls – Our Sissy Boot Bitch 

Princess Carmela and Princess Lilly inspect the job their sissy maid did cleaning the floor. Princess Lilly can’t believe the slave made eye contact with her when she entered the room! WTF, does this slave actually think he’s a person! He’s not even human he’s just a pathetic useless little sissy bitch! They decide to judge how well of a job the slave did cleaning the floor by having him lick the bottoms of their shoes. If he can taste…

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Princess Beverly – Silky Sexy Pantyhose Seduction 

You love my sexy shoes and silky shiny pantyhose. Shiny threads tightly wrap around every curve… your attention is transfixed to the perfection of My shape. In this clip you get to see every angle and every detail. From the close up to the total package of your favorite fetish. you will smell the inside of My lovely shoe, right up close before I command you to worship My hosiery encased feet.

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PrincessBeverly – Oops, You’re Dating A Domme 

So, I have a secret I’ve been keeping from you. You have no idea what I’m really like, do you? You thought I was so sweet, shy, and loving, but I have a dark side. I know how obsessed you are with me. I’ve got you where I want you now. So here’s the truth: I’m a *DOMINATRIX*! Oh you think it’s a joke? Get on your knees! You have to ask me for permission to stroke, or to do…

CBT & Ballbusting

American Mean Girls – Mean Girl Push Ups 

  To get this clip for less money click here Mean Girl Push Ups (HD)A good slave is a fit slave, so we make this loser go through an extensive exercise program but do it mean girl style. What we do is give a slave a hard BALLBUSTING every time he does a push up just to remind him to do it correctly. We also want to make sure he knows why hes working out so hard and what happens…

Shoe & Boots

American Mean Girls – Laughing At The Shoe Licker 

  To get this clip for less money click here Laughing At The Shoe Licker (1080 HD)After we beat the slave, we allowed him to whimper at our feet as a reward. There is no Real Man on earth that would allow himself to be treated this way. After Princess Beverly and I remind him that we are superior we make him lick the bottom of our boots. Princess Bella and Princess Beverly   Category: Foot Worship, Shoe & Boot…

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American Mean Girls – Princess Beverly – Respect Your Superiors 

  Now honey, I want to discuss our wedding day, I want you to respect my boyfriend while we are there, especially at the reception. It is a very important day for me and I want our family to know that you respect my hot boyfriend and are subservient to us. You will serve us champagne and let him humiliate you as much as he wants at the reception. Oh and I want good pictures too so lets get the…

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American Mean Girls – Why Travel To Mean Girl Manor 

  Look at these boots You have the intense desire to be dominated right here at Mean Girl Manor. What is your fetish, huh? Ballbusting, Whipping, Trampling or Whipping? Or maybe you are just a foot freak that wants to throw money at our feet! Plan your vacation for Los Angeles, CA and we will take good care of you, LOL! Mean Girl Manor is your best boot licking destination! Beg to be our servant in real life by using…

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American Mean Girls – Online Slave Drone Conditioning Princess Beverly 

This H!pnosis video will melt your brain and make you become my re-tweeting and promoting online slave. This video includes sound effects with H!pnotic trigger words. If you want to find a way to be useful to me then you will need to listen to this video every day and preferably with headphones. You will find yourself needing to jerk off to my videos. I will recruit an army of drones and you will be an insignificant ant to me,…

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American Mean Girls – Bullied and Beaten Till Gay Princess Beverly 

  OMG, I just had to call my best friend and tell all about how I bullied you into being gay for my amusement. I told her all about how I made you suck on household items a little at a time while you cleaned my apartment to start you off, haha! But one thing leads to another and you were soon learning to curtsey for all my guy friends when they came over. I even got the guys to…

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