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Hot Ms Sinstress has actually just finished a lengthy session and also her feet ache and also her footwear dirty. She calls her bitch in and also orders him to lick and also brighten her entire footwear, both of them, with his tongue and then to massage her feet. “I was kicking another slave with these shoes and also his balls were so perspiring” she informs him and afterwards asks him if he can taste the ball sweat. “It is necessary slaves are constantly embarrassed so they recognize their location” she states. When he’s provided the shoes a nice licking she tells him to eliminate them. Not happy with the rate he is moving she encourages him by pushing the heel of a shoe into his nipple area making the slave wheeze and struggle to finish the task.

After some discomfort he obtains them eliminated as well as begins licking her soles as he has actually been educated to do. He then begins licking in between her toes and also drawing them while she calls him degrading names due to the fact that she understands that it arouses him. “Perhaps I must head out and stroll in the yard and also obtain them dirtier” she suggests after that says maybe he would certainly choose if she went to the club in bare feet as well as brought those home for him to lick and suck tidy. The servant is clearly thrilled as well as nervous to please Girlfriend and also she laughs at him as he works away. Following she sticks her entire foot into his mouth, after that deal with fucks him with it. Initially one foot, after that the other. Nice under foot and also overhead angles, where you additionally obtain a great view of Sinstresses large tits. “I let the men at the club touch my tits but you’re just sufficient for my feet” she tells him. She blinks her tits as well as tells him he’ll never ever touch them. “You’re simply my filthy foot bitch and that’s all your good for” she says as she resumes fucking his face.

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