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Kitty Carrera is a pet locked in her cage. Her owner greets her and quickly gains her attention via control of a toy inside her pussy with his smartphone. She braces her feet up against the cage as the vibrations rock her tender box.

Her owner releases her from the cage and she presents her feet for his inspection. Kitty requests and is granted permission to play with herself. Ready for a footjob, Kitty’s owner tells her to lube her feet up with her tongue. Kitty then makes sure he’s nice and hard by giving him a nice sloppy blowjob.

Standing at full attention now, Kitty’s owner sighs in pleasure as she rubs her slick feet all over his cock. She strokes him up and down between her soles and he turns up the intensity once again with his sex toy app. Kitty keeps up a relentless pace stroking the shaft with her feet. Moving onto all fours, she continues the footjob from behind as the tip of the toy peeks out from her panties.

Ready for the finale, the owner summons Kitty to resume blowing him. She sucks and strokes his cock until he spurts waves of cum all over her hands. Kitty takes a taste and is told to return to her cage. Satisfied with his pet, he allows her to rub herself to a squealing orgasm as a reward.

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